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Being a Girl is hard……DoTERRA Essential oils can help.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Being a girl is hard……but essential oils can help

Some days being a girl is awful, confusing, and painful.  You never know what who you are going to wake up with….I am not talking about the people in our lives. I am speaking of us.   Days I wonder who on earth I am.  It is no wonder we are the topic of so many jokes.  I took this picture today from my favorite essential oil book.

It made me laugh at all the things that make us who we are and the ailments that come with having 2 XX chromosomes.  From Puberty to Menopause its a wild ride for sure, laughing until we are crying to crying for no reason at all.  From smiling to yelling in .8 seconds.

We have no control of our emotions or our hormones and we some have even used it as a defense.  One thing I know for sure is that we can do something about some of these things.  Natural solutions to some of those side effects of being a girl.  The top concerns I hear….. Memory lapses, Menstrual pain, Breast health, tummy troubles, skin and hair conditions, weight gain and emotional support. Lets break them down and offer oils support for each one.

We have a couple of supplements that I have found help with overall balancing of hormones.  Our Phytoestrogen is all natural and helps support through all levels.  From supporting normal hormone levels to helping diminish symptoms of peri and menopause.  Bone, heart health and breast tissue support come from both of these supplements.

Menstrual Discomfort

 Clary calm, Clary sage, deep blue, past tense, and cypress are very helpful.  Applied directly to the area of discomfort.  Cramps, breast tenderness, head tension, etc

Tummy Troubles come from our monthly cycles as well.

Digestzen, Ginger, and Peppermint are all great for these issues.

Forgetting everything?  Memory Lapses?

A Little rosemary may help.  As well as In Tune for better concentration.

Thinning Hair, nails and skin issues?

Our Hair care line is amazing and our skin care.  My favorite is  the anti aging line.  As well as a drop or 2 Frankincense is added to all of my skin care.

LLV Life Long Vitality is our #1 selling product.

These supplements have changed how I feel and the energy levels I have.  Absolutely amazing.

Emotional Support.

The line of emotional support can cover all those mood swings all in a handy roller bottles already ready yo use.  Or diffused with the line of oils that are straight and not diluted at all.

And  lastly but should probably be 1st is lack of libido.

When I started this post I knew it may be a busy one and it is.  But my goodness look at all the natural solutions for all the symptoms of our least favorite issues with being a girl  Its time to take care of ourselves and stop letting our hormones run the show.  We are such bad asses if we can live through this month after month and not kill anyone!  Woman Rock!

Here’s a great Roller ball blend to cool your personal summers

As always if you are ready to get started with oils please click on the link above that says how do i get started with Doterra..  Or email or PM me.   I have some amazing deals going on right now.

I would love to share with you

Live a life you Love ❤


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