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Clear the Clutter for 2018 quick and easy.

Every year I take the week between Christmas and New Years to get myself rejuvenated and organized. The #1 resolution is to get Organized, #2 is Lose Weight and since my job is to help people do the 2nd one I have to be very organized at the beginning of the year. So I take this week off and I do just that. Here’s how you can too. Let’s clear the clutter the quick and easy way.


Counters: Get RID of and I mean fill trash bags with all those left over cookies, candies, treats that have been cluttering the counters.

Spice Cabinet: Look at expiration’s dates and throw old ones away. (If it’s in a square tin can its over 10 years (possibly 20) old get rid of it!!!!! Make a list of what you need to replace. But if you used it once and its been there 10 years you probably don’t need to replace. (Budget conscious). A little info old spices grow little bugs does that help you throw it away? Fact!

Pantry: pull everything out….I know I know it sounds like a pain but it really does not take that long, as you are removing items, check expiration dates if it is expired get rid of it don’t put with the other things. Now what ever you have left organize and put back so you can see everything you have. Now make a list of what you need to fill with healthy options. It truly is amazing how fast time goes by and this is a place you will notice because you will think you just bought that how can it be expired. The other thing you will find yourself doing when you are shopping is checking expiration dates and buying less and staying on budget. No more waste.

Fridge and Freezer: same idea check expiration dates and look for freezer burn. It is OK to throw things away. Make a list of healthy alternatives to fill the fridge and freezer with. Need help stocking the kitchen for success? This will help.


You probably received some gifts for Christmas maybe some clothes. Let’s clean it out before we put the things in there. Start with how long ha it been since I wore this? Over 6 months toss it. Don’t toss it TAKE it to a shelter. GO through all your drawers and throw away old ratty things. Lastly a great tip turn your hangers backwards and when you wear something turn it the correct way then every year (or 6 months look at how many backwards hangers you have donate those clothes you are not wearing them).


Make up yes lets clean that up. Did you know there is a recommendations for how long you keep your makeup? Did you know none of it is over a year? Yeah that freaked me out too. Go though all your products in the bathroom and get rid of the things you are not using. Don’t say oh I will use this and put it back if its dusty throw it out.

MEDICINE cabinets

I did this separate of the bathroom only because I wanted to be sure you saw it and did it. Every medicine has an expiration date. It is important that you don’t take things past that date. Most just lose potency others become toxic. Don’t take a chance with this. PS I would LOVE to help you over hall your medicine cabinet with ALL natural solutions. No More OTC meds or Prescriptions at our house. Interested? Lets chat!

Phone, Tablet and Computer:

Lets clear the clutter. Start with apps. Take a serious look do you use it often and like it yes keep it No get rid of it. Go through your phone numbers clean them out. Delete numbers you never use. Pictures: delete the ones you don’t want and back up the ones you want to keep then get them off your phone. Emails clear out your folders. Throw away old stuff and remove yourself from junk emails. Unsubscribe unsubscribe!

I hope you take time this next week to get organized the quick and easy way! I am excited to share 2018 with you and know we will have a great time together.

Please if you have friends and family you think would enjoy my blog. Share with them. If you love what you read here please let me know. If you use or have any other ideas feedback is fabulous.

Live a Life you Love 💙


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