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Consistent use is the key to Essential Oil success.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Consistent Use is important for Essential Oil Success.

Very often I hear people say those oils didn’t work for me. I always ask did you use them once and decide? I will agree not every oil works the same for every person but there is tons of oils for everyone. Often we try an oil once and if it does not produce results right away we give up and decide that Essential oils don’t work. But to be successful you may need to use them consistently.

Creating a Routine

When I started with Doterra the only thing I was doing consistently was one drop of digestzen in my water a couple times a day and deep blue rub on my chest ever morning and every night. Both of those things were amazing but as time went on I started adding more and more. Now I have an amazing routine and am constantly adding to it. Please do not be intimidated by this we all begin to see results the more we use them and creating routine will really help. A lot of this started with the Dr Hill challenge.

Here’s what I do every day

1st thing every morning I go to all 8 of my diffusers and fill them all. Yes with a plant watering can. I love it. Every diffuser has a mug beside it with several oils to use. Examples: Bathrooms I have lime, tangerine and lemon. Dining room Peace, balance, align. My office Rosemary, lemon, passion, motivate , cheer, or arise. I choose what is going in each diffuser and get them set up for the day.


Shower: Doterra shampoo and conditioner with a drop of lavender, rosemary and Cedarwood added for long strong thick hair

If I am working I always have spearmint and lime in my diffuser as I get ready.

Skin cream made with Copaiba, Frankincense and Citrus Bliss slather on after the shower.

Balance on my feet( calm and balance for my day)

OnGuard on my feet (immunity)

2 homemade gel caps:

1 for heart support. 2 💧marjarom 2 💧lemon grass top with olive oil

1 for cellular/emotional support. 1 💧 copaiba 1 💧Frankincense top with olive oil

LLV 3 each

Click to access lifelong-vitality.pdf

1 Each Terryzyme, PB ASSIST, deep blue polyphenol,

2 mito2max

Homemade face pads, Jasmine roller ball and Doterra anti-aging moisturizer.

Deep Blue Rub on my chest and shoulders every day