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DoTERRA Melaleuca Oil, Better know as Tea Tree oil and its hundreds of uses.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Melaleuca Oil is an amazing oil for cleansing and purifying.

We use it in our home in all areas. From cleaning to skin care to helping heal cuts and scraps. You can make a counter cleaner with vinegar, distilled water, melaleuca oil and lemon.

Add 1 to 2 drops to your facial cleanser for clear skin. A couple drops in your shampoo for a purifying and outstanding cleansing benefit. Brush on your finger and toe nails to clean and strengthen your nail beds. Have a blemish apply a drop you will see it go away quickly.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca)

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A truly versatile oil, Melaleuca, or Tea Tree, essential oil holds over 92 different compounds and limitless applications. Hailing from Australia, the Melaleuca plant was a daily necessity for the early natives. The Aborigines would apply the leaves directly to the skin for a cooling effect. Eventually, the knowledge of Melaleuca’s numerous benefits spread worldwide, and Tea Tree oil is now frequently used topically for cleansing and rejuvenating skin, internally for supporting healthy immune function,* and more.

Tea Tree Oil Uses and Benefits

One common use of Tea Tree oil is for haircare.

Many people use Tea Tree oil for hair because of its topical cleansing, rejuvenating, and purifying properties. Unlike chemical-ridden haircare products, Melaleuca essential oil offers a soft, gentle element to any haircare routine. If you are looking for ways to use Tea Tree oil for hair, check out our DIY Hair Detangler, that includes Melaleuca essential oil.

Are your makeup brushes in need of some deep cleaning?

Tea Tree oil’s benefits for skin and cleansing properties come together in this Makeup Brush Cleanser. Over time, your makeup brushes get covered in old makeup and dead skin cells. If you don’t want to be spreading that all over your face, you’ll need to give your brushes a good cleaning every once in a while. With just three simple ingredients, including Tea Tree essential oil, you can concoct a purifying makeup brush cleanser that will get rid of gunk and germs—restoring your makeup brushes to their former glory.

Diffusing Tea Tree oil can help purify and freshen the air in your home.

When diffusing Melaleuca oil on its own, use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice. Looking for a revitalizing diffuser blend that will freshen and purify any room? Add 2 drops of Lemon, 2 drops of Eucalyptus, 1 drop of Melaleuca, and 1 drop of Peppermint to your diffuser for a rejuvenating diffuser bend that will cleanse the air and awaken your senses.

Like the ancient aborigines of Australia, many people still use Tea Tree oil for skin because of its purifying and toning properties.

Because of these properties, Melaleuca oil can be used to help soothe occasional skin irritations. When you experience occasional skin irritations, apply one to two drops of Tea Tree oil onto the affected area, using doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to dilute the oil if necessary. The skin cleansing properties of Tea Tree oil reach further than just helping with the occasional skin irritation, however. Consider adding one to two drops of Tea Tree oil to your facial cleanser or moisturizer for added cleansing properties. Making Tea Tree oil a part of your daily skin routine will help keep your skin clean, toned, and healthy looking.

Because of its cleansing and purifying properties, Tea Tree oil can be very helpful for cleaning purposes—especially throughout the home. Melaleuca oil is a good choice for homemade cleaners due to its ability to protect against environmental and seasonal threats. If you want an effective homemade cleaner, add a few drops of Tea Tree oil to a spray bottle with water and use on surfaces throughout the house. This mixture will help protect you and your family against environmental threats, and purify all your surfaces with a herbaceous, green scent.

Have you ever tried adding Tea Tree oil to your beverages?

Although citrus essential oils are a popular choice for giving water extra flavor, there are many benefits to adding Melaleuca to your water or other drinks. Tea Tree oil can be added to water for a refreshing taste and to help support healthy immune system function.* When adding Tea Tree to your drinks, add it to water by itself or to citrus drinks for extra flavor. You can even combine Melaleuca with Peppermint and Lemon essential oil for a refreshing mouth rinse and breath freshener.

The purifying properties of Tea Tree oil aren’t just good for hair and skin, you can also use Melaleuca oil to keep your fingernails and toenails looking and feeling healthy. Reap the benefits of Tea Tree oil for nails by applying some oil to your fingernails and toenails after you get out of the shower to keep them looking strong and healthy. When using Tea Tree oil topically, first dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to prevent against any skin sensitivity, and then apply a few drops to your skin.

Looking for additional uses for Tea Tree oil?

Learn more about Tea Tree oil benefits and uses by watching the video below:

This oil is one of our top 10 oils and a true must have for every home

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