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DoTERRA Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender EOS 100’s of uses.

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

I am always amazed at how each Essential Oils has so many different uses.

This combo of 3 are an amazing way to dip your toes into the Essential Oil world. How about we dive into all the different uses with each oil and then talk about how they can be used together. We will then talk about how you can get them in your house .

When I started the oil that I found myself picking up constantly was Peppermint. When I am teaching it is the oil I put on everyone. DōTERRA’s Peppermint oil is like NO other! It is beautiful and 1 single drop will make 26 cups of tea. Its potentancy is beyond all others. At our house we have used it for head tension, hot flashes, clearing our sinuses, any tummy troubles, focusing and awakening, ant repellent, cooling down.

Here are some other uses:

Remember MORE is not better!!!! 1 0r 2 drops is all that is needed and use a carrier when used directly on skin.

1. Support Healthy Breathing: inhale from the bottle, diffuse, put a drop under nose, Make an inhaler

2. Cool down: make a spray bottle with a few drops of peppermint, witch hazel, and water. Keep in fridge and shake before use. Take on walks or picnics and pool.

3. Mouth wash: a drops of peppermint and lemon in a little water rinse your mouth

4. Freshen breath: one drop on your tongue.

5. Stress relief: apply to neck and forehead with a drop of lavender for a quick tension release.

6. Joint relief: No need for an ice bath just a drop on your sore joints for a quick cool down.

7. Tummy Calmer: a drop in your belly button or rub on your tummy. A drop in 4 oz of water you will feel better quickly.

8. A drop in your water for a fresh cooling drink.

9. A drop or 2 in brownies or cake. Careful it is very potent!!!!

10. Diffuse to curb a sweet tooth

11. Diffuse in the car for alert driving and also no motion sickness!

12. Diffuse or inhale for a quick pick me up. Have a big dead line you need to stay awake for Peppermint is your answer.

Lets talk Lemon

At our house we use lemon often. A drop in our morning water. I home make cleaning supply’s and lemon is in most of them. Love to diffuse all day for a fresh bright clean smelling home. It is on our cough remedy. We use it in our under eye circle remover nightly. AS well as any dark spots on our faces.

Here is some other uses:

1. Forgot the Laundry? Add a drop or 2 and run a rinse.

2. Stinky trash a drop or 2 directly in trash can.

3. Make a glass pitcher of ice tea or ice water and add a drop or 2

4. Diffuse while painting rooms for a fresh scent and to keep paint smells away.

5. Sticky residue on frames, cups from the sale tag one drop and wipe away! Also removes sticky residues from outside like tree sap or gum off floors.

6. Clean silver tarnish a drop on a soft cloth.

7. Make a spray bottle with vinegar, lemon and water for a counter cleaner and makes mirrors sparkle.

8. Soak a cloth and rub over leather to nourish.

9. Lemon oil and water will get rid of aphids in your garden.

10. Spot free dishes add a drop to your DW with each load.

11. Use in cooking ONE DROP is like the juice of a full lemon.

12. Add to your hot water with a little honey to get rid of a scratchy throat.

Lavender is the #1 familiar oil.

Most of us know it for the relaxing benefits. But it is so very much more. We use it in most of our sleep blends, room fresheners and linen sprays. Massage on our sore tired muscles. Burns from the sun or the oven quick fast relief takes the burn out of the burn. I add it to my shampoo each morning with rosemary for stronger, healthier, thicker hair.

Here’s some more uses for Lavender:

1. A few drops on cotton balls and put in your closets and drawers.

2. Bug bites a drop will take away the sting and the itch quickly.

3. Make a spray bottle with lavender, witch hazel and distilled water for a great car spray

4. Linen a few drops on kids pillows and sheets for a sound sleep.

5. Add to wood floor cleaning products they love oil and the smell is so comforting

6. A few drops on the filter in your vacuum.

7. Calm your pups during a thunderstorm with a drop on your fingers rubbed on their paws.

8. Add a drop or 2 to your lemon dishes when cooking. In Marinades.

9. Earaches; make a warm compress with a few drops of lavender and lay on your glands on your throat or add a drop to warn olive oils and rub into your jaw and over your glands in your neck. NEVER IN YOUR EARS!

10. Rashes; a couple drops with fractionated carrier oil and rub onto your rash.

11. Soak your stress away……a few drops with epson salts and a teaspoon of carrier oil in a hot bath. Sleep well

12. Oatmeal scrub. In a glass jar put 1.2 cup of oats and 8 drops of lavender add water and apply to your face for a mask and scrub.

Seasonal Blends

These 3 oils are known as our seasonal blends and can seriously relieve symptoms that are taking over this time of year. You can out 2 drops of each and take internally in a hell cap. You can also diffuse. AS you can see we have made you softgels that are ready to take. WE take them every night before bed when the windows are open all night. Each capsule has 2 drops of each and we feel great in the mornings.

These oils each come in kits to get your started. They are in all of your enrollment kits but you can also buy just the 3.

You can become a wholesale member with a 35.00 fee that will get you 25% off your purchases for a whole year. Or you can purchase retail. I ALWAYS recommend you enroll. You will save so much money!

Live a Life you Love ❤


A VERY Special Thank you to Lena Neill for the graphics today!!! ❤❤❤

(“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease”)

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