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Focus and Concentration……remember you used to have those. Retain more with DoTERRA

Focus and Concentration with essential oil

I am literally laughing as I write this post today, because it has taken me the last hour to get on here and get it done.  So unfocused and scattered today I think this post is meant for me!  Do you feel this way some days too?  I am all over the place.  Looking down at my desk and said well no wonder!   You have your desktop, laptop and Ipad on and your phone keeps chiming!  Who has a fighting chance if this is the way we are going to live.

We need to focus on one thing at a time.

BT (before technology, I made that up) being a multi tasker was a gift.  Now we never finish one thing because we are all over the place.  We have so much to do we forget to do half of it.  Sometimes its scary I ask myself “is this normal”,  all the time.  I see people pumping Starbucks all day.  Red Bull and Monster drinks are some of the most profitable company’s out there.  Then we take sleep aids to sleep at night because we have pumped our bodies full of fake fuel.  Catch 22 X 1000!  My goal is to find the Essential oils that will help naturally.

Technology is not the only thing getting in the way of our focus and ability to concentrate.

Lack of sleep, hormonal changes, medication. Alcohol, drugs, chronic illness, brain injuries, depression, emotional trauma all these things can affect out concentration.

There a long list of natural remedies for all of these things and Essential oils top that list.  When you inhale an essential oil the olfactory bulb is activated and links to brain processes that stimulate and encourage connections. There are several Essential oils that are truly amazing for kids to adults.  Lets take a look at them.  Let’s talk some of the testimonies I have heard as well. Essential oils can help you in all areas of your life.  Being Focused and Present is a very important one.


One simple sniff straight from the bottle in the afternoon can bring you to a much more alert state in seconds.  I like to use it in the diffuser with wild orange when I am teaching as it wakes everyone up and keeps them focused.

In Tune

It is perfect for kids.  I highly recommend you dilute this 1 bottle can make 3 bottles.  One of my favorite testimonies was a mom who called me and said her child was on his last strike and was going to be expelled if she didn’t find a solution to his out bursts and disruptive behavior. I suggested she try In tune on is feet before school and at the lunch hour.  Fast forward 6 months her boy is getting As and Bs and is no longer in trouble at school.  I also have a teacher who uses this daily for her so she can get it all done.


 This is my Be Present oil.  We diffuse this every night when we get home to get refocused and relaxed.  The diffuser is going at our house all the time.  I have heard stories of this oil relieving tremors and calming nerves.  Many members who carry the Peace  roller with them every where they go.  You can not go wrong with Peace.

Cedarwood and Vetiver:

 These oils are perfect for applying to chest, feet, spine and diffusing.  Kids with attention problems benefit greatly from this oil.  It can also help with sound sleep.


This oil is the bomb for memory issues.  It gives you a clear head for studying and work deadlines.  I have a friend who diffuses this for her elderly mom and she feels like she is much more alert during the day.

I can not let this post finish without posting my very favorite oil for getting things done.  Passion is my go to anytime I have a long to do list.  Starting diffusing as soon as I get out of bed in the morning and that list gets done no matter how long.


How do I get started with Doterra

Live a Life you Love ❤


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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