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How Truthful are you with yourself? 🤔

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

This question was posed to me earlier this week and I thought I am really truthful with myself.

But for some reason this question stuck with me all week and I kept going back to it.  How many lies do I tell my self every day?  More than I thought in many different ways.

Weight loss or maintenance?

All the excuses (reasons) you are not reaching your goals.

I had to go out to dinner last week.

I didn’t  have time to get groceries.

That was the right portion.

I can keep track in my head.

I had company

(You get where I am going)

How about when you look in the mirror?

I am so fat.

I look awful in this.

Wow am I ever old.

I look so ugly

Here’s some basics…..

I can’t give up……(insert your word here)

I can’t live without……

I would change but………