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How Truthful are you with yourself? 🤔

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

This question was posed to me earlier this week and I thought I am really truthful with myself.

But for some reason this question stuck with me all week and I kept going back to it.  How many lies do I tell my self every day?  More than I thought in many different ways.

Weight loss or maintenance?

All the excuses (reasons) you are not reaching your goals.

I had to go out to dinner last week.

I didn’t  have time to get groceries.

That was the right portion.

I can keep track in my head.

I had company

(You get where I am going)

How about when you look in the mirror?

I am so fat.

I look awful in this.

Wow am I ever old.

I look so ugly

Here’s some basics…..

I can’t give up……(insert your word here)

I can’t live without……

I would change but………

Everything is great……

Everything is awful….

If I had more time I would…….

I have to be perfect….

If I ignore it, it will go away…..

I am too young…

I am too old….

My worth is determined by my work….

You don’t have a choice……

It’s interesting if we would just be honest with ourselves it would take a lot less time.  Rather than making excuses or offering reasons maybe just maybe we  could jut be honest and kinder to ourselves.  How about if we just be honest or be quiet when using our inner voice?

Live a Life you Love ❤️


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