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I can get Essential Oils anywhere Paris, WHY DŌTERRA???

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Everyday this is a question I am asked. I completely understand, I did 6 months of research before I chose DōTERRA . I was very skeptical. Yes you can buy all theses oils in Whole Foods, sprouts, even Ross but they are not at all pure. But then I started researching and realized all ESSENTIAL OILS are not created equal. This is REALLY important! There is no regulation on Essential Oils. NONE. That scared me a little. I found out that only 6 drops in a bottle need to be pure and the rest they can add anything and call it Therapeutic Grade. I wanted to know everything about the companies. The following reasons are why I chose DōTERRA . I want the best for you and your family and I believe in these oils and this company with all my heart.

#1 CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Because there was no standard in the industry DōTERRA took it upon themselves to set a standard. I know that sounds like they are self benefiting from that but here is the part that made me go oh I understand. They test their oils 7 times including with an outside company before they reach you and must be 100% pure to ever make it into the bottle. BUT here is my turning point: they challenged every other company to use this testing and not ONE of them took them up on it. That was a huge tells to me.

#2 Always 100% Pure oil!

See above but I can not stress it enough. What do you want t put in or on your body! Don’t you want the best of the best. Our oils are so pure that you seldom need more than 1 to 2 drops to help. Other oils you need many more than that. Side note 1 drop of DōTERRA peppermint oil will make 26 cups of tea. WOW!

#3 Co-impact sourcing.