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Leave your mark…..Live a Life you Love ❤️

I have a T-shirt that says Flawless every single time I put it on I laugh out loud. I am so far from flawless, I am terribly flawed and fully aware and completely accepting of the truth. A few years ago we lost a dear friend. He was not a young man and had lived an amazing life. When we were at his celebration of life I noticed that every picture he was in he had the biggest smile. Every person I talked to had an awesome story about how this man had helped them in some large or small way. As we left that service I thought wow he really left a mark. I also vowed that I was going to do that. Then I set out to make it happen. I challenged others to do the same. How will you be remembered?

It’s my Birthday !!!

Today is my Birthday and I treat that day as my new year. I make goals and plans for the next year. Yesterday I asked a question on my Facebook page to see how I am doing on my #leavemymark goal. I asked people to describe me in one word. I also told people to be honest I am tough I can take it.

My mom was the 1st person I asked……test the waters if you will. HAHA My mom said her word is PERFECT! I can promise she hasn’t always thought that. Later she gave me a list of about 25 words. The it was ask the dad he said opportunistic, I needed an explanation he said “I take advantage of every positive opportunity.” I’ll take that.

Then I asked my husband who said “not fair can’t do it on one word” so I gave him a few hours and he said “AMAZING”. I said really he said yes I truly think everything you do is amazing. WOW I have to say asking this question I didn’t expect anyone to say anything negative but I would have been OK with constructive criticism. I know my faults. A lot of people commented on my question…..I am in aww of the responses and feel like I am well on my way to leaving my mark. Ask yourself, are you leaving your mark? How will people remember you?

Here are the responses.

I believe that we all have room for improvement. Our lives are so very different with all the technology and needing to know. I think it is making us more negative and we seem to search for the bad in people and situations. This year I am going to step up and better myself and am challenging you to do the same.

Here’s my plan for my 52nd year in no particular order.

1. Listen better and respond with care and kindness

2. Be on time

3. Put down my phone

4. Be 100% present

5. Smile at everyone

6. Be sincere in all compliments and do it OFTEN

7. Hold the door

8. Recognize and accept that we are all different and appreciate those differences

9. Put myself in others shoes and not be judgemental

10. Express Gratitude

11. Be Patient

12. Think 1st and chose my words thoughtfully and carefully

13. Answer my phone (seriously this is an issue)

14 Say “you are right” and ‘I am sorry” often

15. Ask Good questions and listen intently to the answer.

16. Let go of all negative energy and do not participate.

17. Save, save, save

Do you see things on this list you can do better?

Also I believe that the only way you can be a good person to others is to be good to yourself 1st. I have a list of things I plan to do well this year to take better care of myself. This is the list I think most of you need to concentrate on.

Here we go….

1. Sleep

2. Eat Well

3. Exercise

4. Do not compete

5. Make time for my passions

6. Put my phone down

7. Delegate

8. Set hours

9 Plan and organize weekly.

10.Pamper often.

11. Appreciate the little things.

12. Just breathe

13. Slow down

Are there some there you can do?

I Challenge you to look inside and see if you need to work on some of these things. Join me in my 52nd year to be kinder, gentler, positive and all around happier. I love my friends, family and husband fiercely. I love that they love me flaws and all. Don’ t take a moment for granted. You are not promised tomorrow.

Lastly, take advantage of what we do have. Use the technology to create a life well lived. I think everyone should have hashtags for their lives. We have several. Create it and use it! You will always have those memories. Are you leaving you mark?

As always I thank you for letting me come into you home with my ramblings and writings.

Live a Life you Love ❤️


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