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Lets make a salad… exciting salad!

It here such a thing as an Exciting salad?

I get so tired of salad but wanted my summer to be full of them. So while I was on vacation I tried a ton of different kinds and came up with an idea to turn my refrigerator into a salad bar if you will. I wanted to share all my ideas for what and how I made this happen. I am having a salad every day. But never the same one. I am enjoying this and it is really easy to do the prep to make it happen.

I bought a bunch of Tupperware awhile ago so it seals and stacks well. Thought I would give you everything I do, mind you I don’t do them all every week you can do whatever you like and whatever you want but I bet you can make a lot of this and have a huge variety every day.


I recommend you have 2 or 3 different kinds to mix and match


bagged I wash it and dry for an hour on the counter then rebag in a fresh bag

Field greens :

I buy the big containers at Sam’s

Romaine lettuce:

Again I buy the 6 pack at Sam’s (I chop 3 at a time and wash and spin then it in a bowl and cover with foil and it will last all week)


same as above prep and storage.

These are the ones I choose you can choose any you like. (As you can see Kale can’t come in my house.)


I chop all of these up and put in Tupperware (it takes about an hour wash, rinsed, chopped, and dried.)

Cucumber, tomatoes, peppers (red,yellow,orange), red onions, shallots, carrots, celery, cauliflower.

Corn I roast on the BBQ and then cut off the Cobb and keep in fridge (its like candy) Poblano Peppers I roast these and peel and dice.


I wash and dry then keep in fridge. Some stay whole some need dicing.

Strawberries, Black Berries, Raspberries, Blueberries. I buy all of these is large containers at Sams

Mango, grapefruit, mandarin oranges all of these can be bought in the can when not in season or just for an convient grab then rinsed and put in fridge.

Apples, Oranges, grapes, melons.


I cook most of these and chop and have ready. You will notice all my cheeses are sharp flavors this is so I need small amounts.


blue, feta, extra sharp white cheddar, smoked gouda

Chicken breasts:

I put 2 to 4 in the crockpot with different seasoning depending on my mood. Salsa, enchilada sauce, flavored balsamic, BBQ sauce, or dry rubs


I grill it and then cut into cubes. Season as you wish



I just buy the pouches

Add ons:

just fun things that change the whole salad.


Sun dried tomatoes

Pickled onions ( I make my own)

Candied nuts (I make these too) 1 cup pecans, 1 TBS brown sugar and 2 Tsp butter flavored olive oil. Bring to a boil on a sauté pan stirring often then cool and dry on parchment.

Salad Dressing

Have a huge variety. I use so many different balsamic. Also there are a lot of delicious yogurt dressings out there to try. If you love your full fat go for it just use LESS! Salsa makes and excellent dressing so does fruit juices. Your choices are only limited by you!

These are just my ideas I hope it will spark your imagination. I feel like I have a salad store in my house and no need to go out.

Live a Life you Love ❤️


PS. I would love for you to share this if you enjoyed it! FB, Twitter, Email. Yes Please

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