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Overwhelmed? Should I buy Doterra Essential oils?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

I have written many times about why I chose Doterra.


Retail you pay 25% extra on all the oils but all you have to do is go to my website and click shop.  Chose the oils you want and have them shipped to your home. Super fast super easy.  But I truly never recommend this way.


Enroll as a wholesale customer with the 35.00 enrollment kit and purchase the oils you want individually and receive a 25% discount on all of your purchases for the whole year.  (Renewal the next year is just 25.00 and you get a free bottle of peppermint)


Enroll with an enrollment kit, this waves the enrollment fee (that 35.00) and gets you started with a bunch of oils from the beginning.  Enrollment kits range from 150.00 to 500.00 depending on your needs.

Today I want to focus on the benefits of becoming a wholesale member and why.  I am also going o focus on the 35.00 enrollment option.  Daily I am all about saving the most money and getting the best bang for my buck.  That being said I always recommend you enroll with a kit 1st.  I tell everyone to NEVER buy retail unless you are sure you will be only purchasing 1 oil a year.  Trust me it only takes about 2 oils to cover your 35.00 fee.  PS. once you start learning about the oils you will be hooked.  They can do everything all naturally from cleaning to skin care to naturally assisting your body to heal itself.  We have made over our cleaning cabinet, our medicine chest and our bath and body products not to mention our outdoor and gardening needs  and saved thousands of dollars in addition.

But if buying a kit is not in your budget right now I completely understand.  If you purchase the enrollment kit for 35.00 you will get the benefit of the 25% discount for the entire year and can buy as you wish literally building your own kit.  Honestly if you purchase just 2 to 3 oils depending on what they are that fee will pay for  itself.  Here’s some examples:

OIL.                                 Retail                   Wholesale.              Savings

Lavender.                       28.00.                  21.00.                     7.00

Peppermint                    27.33.                   20.50.                   6. 17

Frankincense.               90.00.                  69.75.                      20.25

Melaleuca.                     25.33.                  19.00.                       6.33

I could go on forever.  Think of it like joining Sams club you get better prices for the whole year for a small fee.  You can start with DōTERRA  for a very small fee and start building your collection with what your family needs slowly.  You will get to participate in the BOGOS that we have a few times a year at wholesale prices which saves you tons of money!  With a dōTERRA  wholesale account with me you get continuing education with not just me but an entire team to help you.  I have great giveaways when you enroll and am available to answer your questions.  So what’s stopping you?  Lets get you that discount and get these oils and natural solutions in your home to start transforming your family’s health and wellness.

If you would like to discuss your needs more thoroughly before you become a wholesale customer feel free to email me at  Text me at 720-231-8763 or message me here I will of course set up a call with you and we can discuss your needs and how to get the most bang for your buck.

Live a Life you Love ❤


(“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease”)

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