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Part Two: DoTERRA Essential Oils; Using them Topically

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Part Two of a Three Part series

Educating yourself before using Essential oils is so important.  Using them properly will not only save you money but also you will get the right benefits from them.  It is important that you use the very best quality oils when using them in all 3 ways.  Aromatically, Topically and internally.  You need to know you are getting 100% pure oils.

Topical Use of DōTERRA essential oils How does it help?

We all know the power of touch can help us emotionally, psychologically and physically.  Essential oils are fat soluble  and when applied directly to the skin they absorb quickly and offer relief in minutes.  Applying to the bottoms of your feet the oils will absorb every cell in your body within 20 minutes.  Using oils topically for areas of discomfort, irratation , or an immune boost.  With topical application less is always more.  Using only a drop or 2 with a carrier oils applied to area of concern.

Why Carrier Oils?  What is a Carrier oil?

Doterra Essential oils are 100% pure and there for potent.  A drop or 2 is all that is needed in most applications.  SOme oils need to be combined with a carrier oils because they are considered “HOT”  and will feel too warm to our skin making them uncomfortable. List below.   But the main reason to use a carrier oil is as it sounds to carry the oil deeper where you need it and it will keep the oil where you need it the most rather than spreading because it carries it deep not  wide. VERY important note here should you EVER put too much oil on and feel HOT or burning be sure to APPLY CARRIER OIL to the area (NOT WATER) to cool the area it will not take away the benefit but will cool quickly. PS WATER AND OIL do not mix so if you try to “wash” it off it will intensify.  This goes for baths too always use a little carrier oils in your tub so the oil will combine with the carrier and not your most sensitive areas.

Where do I apply the oils?

We know that the oils reach our cells very quickly and different places will give you different results.  1st if you are in need of relief in areas of discomfort apply directly to your area of concern.  Next for emotional support or immune support apply to the bottom of your feet.  Your feet are full of pores and it will reach all of your cells and systems in minutes.  I also use this when the oil I need is not my favorite smelling oil.  You can apply to your feet and put on socks or you do not have too.  Other areas that are quick to reach you are over your heart, base of spine, back of neck, pulse points, over your kidneys, abdomen, chest, roof of mouth base of skull, forehead, temples.

Oils I use Topically every single day


Deep blue or aromatouch, Passion, Balance


Peppermint, Deep Blue, Citrus Bliss


Cedarwood, Serenity, Lotion with several oils in it.  Recipe below.

Before Bed

Deep Blue and Melissa on my feet, spine and back of neck for deep sleep and relaxation.

I hope this helped  you understand Topical Application better.  Please always feel free to ask me anything.

Ready to become my customer?  I would love to get you started!

Up next: Part 3 Internal usage.

Live a Life you Love ❤


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