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The Obesity Epidemic: It's Time to Take Control

The Sad Truth

  • 69% of Americans are overweight or obese; only 31% are in a healthy weight range.

  • Despite BMI flaws, health issues like heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes are surging.

  • The average American has 5 prescription bottles, and a quarter have 10 or more.

The Problem: Portions

  • Since the '70s, portion sizes have quadrupled.

  • Even healthy foods can contribute to weight gain if portions are too large.

The Solution: Portion Control

AOYS Power of 13 #1: Cut your portions in half—except for veggies. Cutting portions can be challenging when you don't have the right attitude. We have eaten so much for so long that the idea of cutting them feels uncomfortable. You need to use smaller plates, say "this is plenty" or "I am going to be so full when I finish this". You also have to understand this is not your last meal. You can eat more if you are truly still hungry. By giving yourself less to begin may show you you don't need more. We eat what is in front of us.

We Overeat: (these portions are 2 to 3 x too large)

  • Pasta: 2-4 cups

  • Bread: 4-6 oz

  • Rice: 1.5-3 cups

  • Packages crackers and chips 2 to 3 X recommended portion size

  • Proteins 6-10 oz

What You Need:

  • A simple, quality food scale

  • Multiple sets of measuring spoons and cups

  • Smaller Plates

Take Action:

  • Always weigh and measure your food.

  • Start with half the recommended serving size.

  • Measure meats post-cooking.


  • Store a 1/2 cup measuring cup in your cereal boxes.

  • Use a tablespoon to measure coffee creamer.

  • Weigh fruits and avocados.

  • Use Smaller Plates

Portion control isn’t about starvation; it’s about moderation. Cut your portions in half and wait 15 minutes. Still hungry? Have another half. I lost 6 pounds in 9 days just by doing this.

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