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Taco's, Taco's, Taco's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Updated: Mar 23

Tacos are so versatile

We love tacos at the Heinen’s and we eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner . Such a easy thing to throw together on a busy night. I love sharing ideas with you and then you will be able to mix and match as you like. You can make them incredibly healthy but so satisfying. I love having the ingredients in the refrigerator to use for lunch. Breakfast tacos are amazing and super easy. When we go out for mexican food it is one of the healthiest choices and now most places will let you use lettuce as your wrap saving you a lot of calories and they are delicious. Let’s get started.

The Vessel

So many options, most choices are pretty healthy. Watch your flour tortillas they can be high in calories and fat. There are several Low carb and Keto options

Soft Corn Tortillas ~ Flour Tortillas ~ Hard Corn Shells ~Lettuce wraps