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What does it mean to Enroll with Doterra? How do I get EO’s in my home?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

My goal is to educate as many people as possible on how to use Essential oils for everything in their life.

I have found you can use them in all areas of your life from cleaning to skin care to health and wellness.  Can you imagine less Dr visits for you and your family? How about no more toxic chemicals in your home? Using natural products on my skin and hair has saved me so much money.

Today I want to Break down my best selling kit and share with you just some of each oils many uses.  Each oil has literally 100’s of uses.  I am going to share how we use each oil at the Heinen house.

The Healthy Start Kit is one of my best sellers because it has great starter oils in a larger bottle

It has 10 oils in 5 ml bottles each bottle has 85 drops. On average you use 1 to 3 drops when using oils.    It comes with a diffuser.  I  love this diffuser we have them in our bathrooms . They have a 2 or 5 hour timer and they turn off when they are empty which I love.


This oil is great year round.  We diffuse with On guard anytime we feel stuffed up or any cough, sneezing, or stuffy nose coming on.  I also apply topically anytime we need to open our breathing passages.  It has relieved a cough and seasonal threats.  Head Tension I will just inhale directly from the bottle. I make my own chest rubs with breathe, lemon, on guard and melaleuca.

Deep Blue 5ml bottle

Need muscle pain relief after exercise or over exertion this is the oils for you.  I have tried every over the counter pain reliever.  This one finally did the job. Last year my husband built a deck.  Every night before bed he would apply this with Fractionated carrier oil on his tired sore body.  He never had to take any OTC  pain relievers.  That was amazing to both of us. We use this oil often and it has never let us down. Because you seldom need more than a drop this is a smaller bottle.  Always dilute this oil.


This oil is amazing for any digestion issues.  It is quick relief.  You can put a drop in 4 oz of water to settle upset or acid relief.  This is not an oil everyone needs to use everyday.  Rolling this on my feet every night before bed.  I started oils looking for relief of this issue and have been able to no longer take a prescription or any over the counter medicines.  We are thrilled with the results.


The King of all oils.  I love Frankincense I was told when I first bought my kit if you ever don’t know what oil you need choose Frankincense.  I use it on my beauty products I add a drop to my moisturizer and I make an after shower lotion and add several drops.  So good for your skin.  We add a drop to our diffuser blends for the added calm it gives.  There are literally 1000’s of uses for Frank.


This is the most commonly used and known oil.  Obviously it has tremendous calming potential.  We use it in one of our sleep blends with on guard and breathe.  I made a relaxing body butter that we apply before bed.  We made a linen spray as well.  Most often we have used it for irritation of the skin, touch the oven rack, it relieves the pain quickly and no skin imperfection.


  A drop in your water bottle makes your water fresh and cleansing. My husband apples nightly to get rid of dark circles.   I make all my own cleaning products all of them have Lemon in them.  Mirror cleaner with distilled water, hydrogen peroxide or vinegar and lemon.  Also it makes a  perfect bathroom spray.  It will brighten you mood just diffusing it. Perfect to get rid of odors in the home.  My favorite use thought is removing stickers or anything sticky.  You know this stickers on products.  One drop and its gone.

Tea Tree Oil

 Itchy scalp? Add a drop to your shampoo.  Cut your finger apply to the skin to keep from unwanted bacteria.   Add to all your cleaning products for a disinfecting quality.  Blemish? apply directly to blemish, it will disappear quickly.  A drop in your shoes to promote freshness. Add to your moisturizer for clear skin.

On Guard 

Our protecting blend.  We use this one daily we roll it on our feet before we go to work.  Taken internally for an immunity boost. We diffuse to clean the air and keep our selves healthy.  I add it to the chest rub for additional support.  A must have for every house.  Plus it smells amazing.


This oil MUST be diluted.  It has amazing benefits but is very hot.  Apply to skin tags (they turn black and fall off).  This makes a great counter spray mix a few drops in a glass water bottle mix with water and a tablespoon of witch hazel. In cooking ONE  drop   in spaghetti sauce.  Be very careful as not to over use.  Can be taken internally in a soft gel with olive oil for a healthy immune boost.


My go to oil for everything. I have roller balls every where.  It will sooth increased body temperature  in seconds, apply a drop ( for children with a carrier) to feet  for fast relief.  Head tension apply directly to your temples and neck.  Overheating apply to feet and neck.  Tummy trouble a drop in your belly button or apply to your whole belly. A deep inhale from the bottle or cupped hands will wake you up in the late afternoon.  Diffuse when studying or getting ready for a presentation.  Clears sinuses and mind quickly.

These are just some of the ways we use the oils in the home essential kit.  We diffuse all day everyday in the house.  This kit is an amazing way to get started with Essential Oils.

Please reach out to me it’s any questions.

How do I get started with DoTERRA:

Live a Life you Love ❤


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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