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You need to eat more to lose weight? Really? Why? I hope thats true!

Have you ever googled Lose weight or diet just to see what comes up?

How about Pinterest? I have, I did it yesterday, I didn’t do it to find a plan or a way to lose weight I just wanted to see what comes up. I also did not read any of them. Just thought it was amazing that everyone has an opinion and MOST opinions require a loss of a food or food group. But what is seldom ever addressed is the fact that you need to EAT to lose weight. Your body needs fuel to lose weight and you starving yourself will not help your weight loss at all. Now I did not just tell you to eat more junk. The quality of your food matters.

My favorite part of being in the weight loss industry is telling people you are not eating enough. Anyone who has tried to lose weight by not eating knows that does not work. We also know that removing food groups seldom has a good outcome. If we cut our intake so much that all we are thinking about is food that usually mean we are going to lose it and overeat whatever we can get our hands on.

If we are told we can’t have bread, cheese, chocolate? What happens? This items consume all our thoughts.

What all research shows is if you want to lose weight you need to eat reasonable portions and lower our added sugar and saturated fat. Most people do not really eat that poorly (I said most) we do eat too much though and we also often eat too much of things we think are good for us because they say fat free, sugar free, lean cuisine, WW. These foods may be lower in calories and we eat twice the amount because we thinks its “good for us.”

We need to eat and drink foods/ drinks high in saturated fat and sugar in moderation. We need to get familiar with what reasonable portion size is. Let’s eat more whole natural foods. Less packaged foods. You need to eat when we are hungry and for no other reason. You will need to be mindful in a world full of temptations.

Here’s a couple interesting portion guides for you.

Of course there is a ton of science to back up needing to eat to lose. But I am asking you to trust my experience (because I don’t like boring you with science) and just don’t starve yourself in the need for quick weight loss. That is how yo-yoing starts. Keeping the weight off for your life time requires that you figure out how to eat the foods you love in moderation.

Less packaging more clean eating=successful weight loss and maintenance. Its easier than you think.

Live a life you Love ❤️


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