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An essential oil company changing the world one drop at a time.

Doterra Patchouli Oil with flowers

Why Doterra?

How do I get started with Doterra?

I am thrilled that you are thinking of becoming a customer with me. Let me share with you a few things about what you will and will not get with a membership with me.  You will get continuing education, me and my team are here to help you get the most out of your membership and learning everything you can about essential oils and their uses.

We are here to answer your questions and guide you to the best possible solutions.


What you will never be asked to do is sell the oils or order a specific amount. If you decide sometime you would like to start a business like I have I will be here to help you do that every step of the way but I will NEVER ask you to.  You will be educated to get the most for your money and on how to get free product but will never be required to order monthly.

Here’s some information on why you should enroll with me…I know you have a lot of choices.  I want to be your go to for education and support.

Become a Wholesale Customer

 Wholesale Customers purchase products at 25% below Retail. 

Enjoy the benefits of having a life coach.

Healthy Essentials Kit 


It literally has the BEST 10 oils to start with and I recommend this kit to everyone, it has everything to get you started! 

When you enroll if you choose a kit to get started you will wave the 35.00 enrollment fee and get a bunch of oils in your hands for a great price.  There are 8 great kits so one will for sure fit your life.  Look over the kits and see which one works best for you and then you can follow the instructions below to get all enrolled.  Everything comes straight to your home.

How Do I get started?

I HIGHLY recommend everyone become a wholesale member or wellness advocate obviously I want you to save the 25% on all your orders. Read carefully and reach out if you have ANY questions I am here for you!
How do I get these oils in my home?

We’re ecstatic that you like the oils and products and are ready to invite doTERRA into your home! You have three options. doTERRA is a membership-based wholesale company (just like Costco). Becoming a Wholesale Customer is what most people choose to do. You get 25% off retail prices, freedom to order whenever you want through your own website, and you can order as much or as little as you like.

1. Purchase Retail

 Go to my website
Click on “Shop” at the top and start shopping!

2. Become a Wholesale Customer and purchase products at 25% below Retail.  YES!

Go to my website

Click on  “become a member”

Choose “Wholesale Customer” and “Continue”

The Wellness Advocate option is for those who would like to build a business with DoTERRA. You can choose to become a Wellness Advocate at any time!
Enter your personal information and click Continue.

• There are two different ways to get your membership started.

The first way is to choose an “Enrollment Kit”

I’ve included an Enrollment Kit flyer in this packet. Enrollment Kits come with great savings, and include the $35 membership fee. To choose an Enrollment Kit, look at the bar at the top of the screen and use the left-and-right arrows to find the one you want and click on it. It will show up on your order form partway down the page on the left side.

The second way is to create your own starter kit.

To do this, choose the “$35 wholesale membership” option from the bar at the top of the screen. You might have to use the left-and-right arrows to find it.

To add more products to your order, click on the next line of the order form.

Begin to type the name or the product number of the item you want to purchase, and it will display options for you to choose from. Choose the option you are looking for.

Once you have everything you want on your order form, click “View Totals” and you will be shown the tax and shipping costs. You can choose economy or standard shipping.
Go to the bottom of the page to complete the order. Congratulations, and welcome to our team!
You will be asked if you’d like to set up your first monthly order. Ordering monthly is completely optional, but gives you access to additional savings. You may skip this part, or set up your first monthly order. When choosing a day of the month for your order, I recommend choosing the 15th or earlier. If you don’t know what you want to order next month, just add Lemon as a placeholder.

3. Loyalty Rewards Program – the monthly auto-ship program you can join after you’re a member.

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is doTERRA’s “frequent flyer” program. By ordering from doTERRA on a set date each month, you gain access to all sorts of savings.
You can access your shopping cart at any time to update the products. Email reminder 3 days ahead of time, and your order ships automatically on the same day each month.
Order as little as one product each month to stay in the program. The more you order, the more you save. You earn points based on what you purchase – starting at 10% back and working your way up to 30% back. Points can be spent like dollars to purchase products.
You get ALL your shipping dollars back as points.

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