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A healthy lifestyle created around your strengths

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

A healthy lifestyle created around your strengths

Our Mantra this week is: I face my challenges with my strengths.

This week we are going to focus on your Strengths.  

Our Book of the month was Discover your Clifton Strengths. 

I took this test a few years ago for leadership with Doterra.  It taught me a lot about what I had to work with and I learned the best way for me to do things.  Rather than trying to do things the way every one else does I leaned on my strengths and made my life easier.  This Support group was not based around those strengths because we would all need hours to break everyone down but I honestly highly recommend you buy the book, take the test and you can use those strengths to “MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER” rather than feeling like you can’t do things the way others do them.   

When you do take the test you will get your top 5 strengths 

And you can get a full report of all 34 . 

They are separated into 4 main categories and that shows you 

Your Theme 

If you are strong in: 

influencing themes you take charge, speak up and make sure others are heard. 

Strategic Thinking Themes: you absorb and analyze information that informs better decisions. 

Relationship Building themes: build strong relationships that hold a team together. 

Executing Themes: Make things happen

My #1 strength is Relator (Relationship Building ) 

And my top 10 were heavy in Influencing. 

I just wanted you all to have this amazing tool. 

Want to grab your copy today it includes the test.

When we are talking about using your strengths to build a healthy lifestyle I want you to understand why I think this is so important.  Because so many people who have been lifelong “dieters” or always trying to lose weight and keep it off are very seldom Grey thinkers they are usually all or nothing or black and white thinkers.

So we have a tendency to think we have to do it ALL WELL! 



I want this to be your question, your push back on every negative thought you have when attempting to do anything positive but struggling.

Now sit down and grab  a piece of paper and join me in dividing the paper into strengths and weaknesses 

I want you to think about the healthy lifestyle you are trying to build and what some of the things you struggle most with.  

Examples~ Planning~ Tracking~ Variety~ Activity 

Now let’s write down what your strengths are in your everyday life. 

Examples~ Organization~ Helping others~ Time Management~ Cooking 

Now  look at both of your lists. 

Could some of the strengths you have help you in your roadblock areas?  

I really want you to sit down and take some time with this.  

Stop trying to do things the way others do them.  Remember “WHAT WILL MAKE THIS EASIER FOR ME?”

There were so many breakthroughs and amazing conversations this week.

“Gotcha” Moments are when someone says something and you are just taken back by the pure truth of that statement.

There were a lot of those this week, but one that is still resonating with me and so many others is “I am tired of that story and I’m the only one who can change my story”

Stop looking back at what or how it was last time and move forward with you story.  Change it make it doable, livable and forever.

As we embark on our 6th month with AOYS  we have a 99% retention rate. Unheard of in the health and wellness industry.

I am so excited to share the Summer with you all!  We are going to have the best time and dig deep into the AOYS Power 13.

The 13 things I think you have to do to create the healthy lifestyle you want.  Small, Livable, doable.  

Not a AOYS Member yet JOIN US!  Learn more here:

See you Soon

Coach Paris

Marlene and Sally

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