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Sometimes you have to set Boundaries or so I am told.

We live in a world of instant gratification.

Technology did this to us.  Remember the days we would check our emails at work and answer them the next day?  Now if we don’t hear an answer or a response in 30 seconds we worry or think I wonder why they are mad at me?  It causes great stress in our lives on both sides.  It was recently brought to my attention by my inner circle that I don’t have to answer every email. Pm, text, phone call in a minutes time and I need to set boundaries.

Really I disagreed.  I thought but then people will think I don’t care.   I remember my mom telling my dad if she didn’t stay on me about my homework I would think she didn’t care. My dad said let her fail she will have to answer to it not you.  Looking back either way I probably wasn’t going to do my homework and she was more stressed than I ever was.

Last week, as if trying to prove something to me, we were crazy busy doing a home remodel and I barely looked at my phone, iPad or computer for 8 days!  GUESS WHAT the world did not end and no one quit on me.  Proving my people’s  point.  But  how do you go about it.  Everyone knew I was on vacation last week and would be out of touch.  Time to figure out what we need to set Boundaries on.

Men and women are super different when it comes to boundaries.  For most men (not all don’t get all defensive) only have issues saying no to work and jobs.  Women on the other hand can’t seem to say no to anyone (often volunteering their partners too) WITHOUT having an excuse and if they don’t have one they will fold and do whatever is needed for whoever needs them even if it means giving up something they had planned to do for themselves.  Learn to say NO with no explanation.

So what is dominating your time?

Technology: FB, email, texting

*time to clear out the junk that keeps coming to your emails.  You can manually unsubscribe (if you have Comcast I have not found another way) or you can use .  But take the time and do it.  Clear out your pictures, apps, etc. Delete anything that is weighing you down. Have set hours and only answer emails, etc during that time.

Family: kids, spouses, friends, family.

Learn to organize your family and use your time wisely.  Stop saying yes to everything.  Our children have no idea how to  relax and they need too.  Also teach them how important downtime and quiet time.  Help them understand everything does not happen in a millisecond.

Work: It seems no one leaves their work at work they answer the phone, emails and texts well into the night.  I have 2 jobs each have FB pages, and my messenger board dings constantly.  I LOVE it!  But having a full time job and being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean I have to work 18 hours a day.  ( someone told me that I did not figure it out myself) I reminded my self that others who have the same position as me don’t give out their email, have a FB page or have any communication with their members outside of  the meeting room. Also figuring out that if I am not available others have the answers and will respond.

Have a schedule and follow it for everyday chores and weekly chores.  Stick to it. It will free up so much time.  I know what days I shop, blog, clean, plan you get the picture. This is all on a dry erase board so I can see it and know what my day looks like.

After much discussion and soul searching the dry erase board was created. The most important thing that came out of it was set hours!  The world won’t end if I don’t answer an email or message until the morning. I shut down my iPad, phone and computer at 5pm to all business. That was a HUGE step for me.

So I ask you where do you need to set boundaries in your life for 2018?  Do it now.  Don’t just think about it.

Let me know what steps you are taking and let’s make 2018 our year of freedom and more time for the things we love.

Live a life you love ❤️


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