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We want to help you in the way you need us too.

I have been a coach in the weight loss industry since 2000.

My experience in group coaching for 20 years led me to wanting to learn more.  In early 2019 I began working towards certifications for life coaching, receiving my first Life Coaching certification.  Summer 2020 in quarantine I spent 6 weeks becoming certified in several areas, including Life Purpose, Goal Success, Professional, Happiness and Health and Nutrition, and finally Master Life Coaching. It was an intense 6 weeks, but I feel like I have increased my skills to help in many areas. My is health and wellness working with individuals on lowering their stress, learning self care and discovering how to live a healthier life overall. I believe that most people are 90% of the way to their desired goals needing just a little help with the last 10%.  That is where I come in whether you need guidance in career, organization, goal setting and follow through or overall wellbeing.    Guiding you to a better work / life balance.  My Business is all VIRTUAL so no matter where you are we can work together and I coach all ages.  


Why Hire a Health and Wellness Coach?

Have you been trying to create a healthy lifestyle, eat more healthy, lose weight, create a more active lifestyle, find more time for you and balance work home? Have you been successful trying to do this on your own?  Do you think you know what to do but have no direction to do it or keep trying the same things and have no follow through?  Hiring a coach is a way to be accountable to someone other than yourself (the person that you can lie to, make up excuse to, or just blow off all together).  Every professional athlete has a coach for their entire career to look for cracks, help when old habits sneak in,  and remind them what they are capable of. You can’t be good at everything, learn to ask for help.

Definition of what a Coach does

*Guides with Key Questions

*Motivates you to find and follow your passion

*Steers you towards the future

*Uses questions to guide you to discover your life path and calling.

Benefits of having a life coach

*Unlock what’s holding you back (Limiting Beliefs)

*Have someone listen with no judgement

*Discover tools to recognize your potential

*Create an action plan

*Identify a clear path for your future

Offering One on One Coaching

All Virtual so no matter where you live we can work together!  

Option 1 : Individual Coaching

In Health and Wellness  sessions we will work on setting goals in 3 areas, Nutrition (portions, less fat and added sugar, enough protein ), Activity (meeting you where you are), and mindset (helping you learn self love and what might be holding you back).  We will use a fill in the blank type of goal setting.

If you are interested in moving forward contact me and I will send you a questionnaire to learn more about your health goals. After you fill it out I will have you send it to me and we will set up a zoom consultation.

I hope we will have the chance to work together.

This consultation will be 30 to 45 minutes and we will go over these answers and decide if this is a good fit for us both. The fee for our first session is an Investment of $35.00. If we decide to move forward then we will decide if we should meet once a week or every 2 weeks for 30 or 60 minute sessions. The fee for each of these :

Investment:  30 minutes: $35.00.

Investment: 60 minutes:  $60.00


Option 2: Monthly Individual Goal Setting session

I highly Suggest 60 Minute sessions for these 

 In these sessions we will work on a monthly goal with the steps needed to make them happen.  We will create a weekly plan that will help you reach that goal.  

Fees for these Personal Monthly sessions

Investment: 30 minutes $35.00

Investment: 60 minutes $60.00


Weekly Support Groups

Virtual  Weekly Support Groups:

This is a monthly membership. It’s a way to support each other and share your struggles and successes with your healthy lifestyle, while receiving feedback from me (your coach) and others who are going through the same struggles.  Each week will have a discussion starter and they will be based on a healthy diet, activity, healthy mindset and self care.  It is not based on any one way to diet. You can be doing any healthy eating plan. Our philosophy will be based on low sugar, low fat and portion control and Our  “Power 13”  There will be several different days and times to choose from.  You will need to choose your support group time when you can attend each week and pay the fee for the month.  (No refunds are given if you miss a class).  You will then receive your month long zoom link.  These Groups will be no more than 25 per class so we can have everyone on one screen and be able to interact in a safe space.

Current Support Group Schedule (all MST)

Wednesday 930 am

Thursday 630PM

Saturday 730~900~1015 AM

Investment for the Monthly Sessions are:

Investment:  $35.00 per screen per month to be paid by last day of the month . If you begin in the middle of the month you will need to pay $10.00 for each week remaining. Example: 3 Tuesdays left in month the fee is 30.00.

What Does my Investment include? 

A Power of 13 ebook and Assessment.  A private FB group that has only AOYS members.  You will receive a summary of the Discussion we had at the end of the week.  Weekly Support groups.  We also encourage you to ask for a zoom link for another SG if you have to miss your SG.

What Our Clients Say

F Scott- Support Group Member 

Our certified health coach will be there to guide you.

SG – The team / support approach Paris uses with AOYS Coaching is second to none!  The emphasis is on how we can become healthier.  Paris is honest and direct – but doesn’t try to “dictate” a specific plan or weight loss program.  More – these are tools for life.  She encourages you to think, to interact with others – and to share and learn on a variety of topics.  I cannot BEGIN to imagine the hours of research I’d have to do to discover all this information by myself.  To say nothing of how BORING that would be!  Each session is focused, timely and a not to miss part of my week!”


My experience helps me to recognize unhealthy patterns.

I will not sugar coat or coddle you.

I help you recognize that your reasons are just excuses holding you back.

Following my AOYS Power of 13 makes a healthy lifestyle realistic and manageable.

I am a no nonsense coach who will be 100% in your corner understanding all situations but opening your eyes to what is holding you back.

I will also not let you live in the past “but last time it was easier” mindset.

And lastly my coaching style is based on “how can you make this easier for you?”  I recognize weight loss, healthy lifestyle and overall wellbeing is not a 1 size fits all.

#NoBStruthtalk  #Wemeetyouwhereyouare

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