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2017 Setting small achievable goals.

Setting small Achievable Goals.

So here’s a thought…..why is it that we think the New year is when we should start all our good habits, resolutions, life changes? I am not a believer on Resolutions I never have been.  I think if you want to make changes you can start whenever you want (2 am have a brilliant idea start now !) Now lets set some small achievable goals.

The difference between Resolutions and Goals is Resolutions are meant to be broken.

So let’s start planning.  Let’s start making goals.  I find that small goals work better than large ones.

Small achievable Goals must be


Do not choose goals that are impossible to achieve. For instance I will get up at 4 am and exercise for an hour every single day! (Not a good one for night owls or people who sleep in until 10 pm.


Not great: I will walk 3 times next week. We will save more money this year.

Better:  I will walk for 30 minutes.  We will save money every payday.

BEST: I will walk for 30 minutes at 7 am before work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We will save 50.00 every payday.


You need to really want it.  WHY are you doing it? What will moving more get you? Saving money, what for?


What will it look like when you reach your goal?  What will it mean to you to accomplish it?

Make it happen

Sit down with a piece of blank paper and a pretty pen and get to work.  Write down what you wan to do 1st then write down how you are going to do it.  DO not rely on anyone else to make your goal happen,  What do YOU personally have to do to accomplish it.  Now if this is a family goal bring them in and explain all the steps AFTER you have written them down then take input if needed.

Live a life you Love ❤


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