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Why is Breakfast so important?

I have been a coach in the weight loss industry for almost 20 years well OK 19 in December, I hope that qualifies me to know what I speak. Over the years the breakfast talk has changed a lot. The reasons why are constantly evolving however the one thing that has never changed is that is it the most important meal of the day.

Lets crack the Myths 1st:

* It has to be a big breakfast.

* Eating breakfast starts your metabolism

* You have to eat Breakfast to “Break the Fast”

*You will lose more weight if you eat Breakfast

The excuses I hear for why people do not eat breakfast

*when I eat breakfast I am hungrier than if I skip

*I don’t like breakfast foods

* I don’t have time

*Coffee is enough.

*I am not hungry

Here is why you SHOULD Eat Breakfast

* More energy

* Better Focus and concentration

* Stay fuller longer

* Better Mood

* Pack in More Nutrients

* Protect your heart


Honestly if you skip breakfast it is a fact that you will eat more throughout the day. But it does not have to be a big meal and it certainly does not have to be breakfast foods if you don’t like them. The reason most of us get hungry when we eat breakfast is because of what we are eating. Toast and fruit will make most of us hungry. Cereal and fruit the same. They are easy but they are not nutritionally sound. Adding a protein will make you feel full and satisfied for a lot longer. I like to remind people it does not have to be “breakfast foods” per say. There are outs of mornings I have an apple, few slices of deli turkey and a string cheese.

Here are some Ideas for adding protein

Eggs, whites, whole or egg substitute, ham, turkey, cheese, Canadian bacon, yogurt, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, goat cheese, feta, cream or ricotta. Milk (all percentages have about 8 gr per cup), peanut butter, almond butter.

Add fruits and veggies anywhere you can.