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Do you want it Enough?

Do you want it enough? 

The reason that most of our goals don’t get achieved? We don’t want them enough? But what exactly does that mean?  It means that our priorities are off. We put everyone and everything else first.  We want, yes but if anything else comes up we let it take over.  So what do we do to want it ENOUGH?  We have to have a clear plan.  Let’s work together on the top 3 resolutions.

Top Resolutions #1.

 Stay Fit and Healthy/ lose weight 

I think we set ourselves up for failure in this category because we set our goals so large and out of reach that when they don’t happen fast enough we let everything else get in the way. So How do we want this one enough?

*Make small attainable goals

:not always number goals step away from the scale goals.  Do not worry about final destination at the beginning of your journey.  Examples: Get 15 minute activity a day, plan breakfast, lunch and dinners for a week, prep my foods for a week, lose 5 lbs in a month

 *Know your why?*

Yes I ended up here again.  You have to have a long list of why you want this? This list needs to be little whys to huge whys? WHY?  Because the temptations are going to be small and huge.  I want to be healthy is not a why?  You need specific health reasons.  Examples: lower BP and Cholesterol, I want my knees to stop hurting, I want to be able to climb stairs and breathe.  You understand. Make that list and it on your home screen of your phone.  Here’s my biggest why during my weight loss 17 years ago that still stands true today.  “I want to take my jeans out of the dryer and be able to put them on without laying on the floor to zip them”

*Be realistic*

Know that 1/2 a lb loss is better than a 1/2 lb gain…. sounds like a “well no kidding” moment but we can have a complete melt down over half a lb either way is not enough if we lose it or its the end of the world if we gain it.  But in the real world a half a pound loss is 26 lbs a year. The other piece of this puzzle….. one meal of going off the rails does not mean your failed just jump back on at your next meal.

#2 Spend Less, Save more:

I want this one every year and every year I seem to find things I want more than I want to save.  Sound familiar?

  *Lower recurring bills*

Sit down with all your monthly bills, look for ways to cut costs.  Can you lower your any of those bills? Where can you cut costs? Electricity (turn off the lights lower the heat 2 degrees),  Cell phones, do you have the best plan?  Television do we need all those channels?  Can you get a lower interest rate on your home?

*Pay off your CC bills*