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Stocking the Kitchen for Success

*Making a Healthy Lifestyle change is easy if you are organized and have the right tools.

I know when my fruit basket gets down to that last apple I feel a sense of panic. Having a well stocked kitchen is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. We will eat what we have available and what we have prepped.

Having a pantry full of chips and cookies easily accessible and ready to eat will not lead to healthy choices. Monday we talked about cleaning out the kitchen getting rid of all those Holiday goodies that had taken over our counters and shelves.

Lets get a shopping list together that will help you be successful.

Produce: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, bagged lettuce, shredded carrots, pre cut veggies and fruits are awesome for grab and go. Knowing what’s in season and how to store are huge with fruits and veggies. You can do a google search for what’s in season and how to store

Dairy: Fat Free and Low fat dairy is recommended. Milk, soy milk, eggs and egg substitute, cheeses (string, cottage, shredded, ricotta, cream ) Yogurt Greek (fat free plain) . Keep an eye out for ADDED sugar in dairy, it has a lot of natural sugars but the added is what you need to pay attention too. Check your ingredients in dairy not just the nutrition info. Yogurt with added fruit is one to keep a close eye on.

Meats: Skinless chicken and turkey, ground chicken, turkey, and beef (93% or more). Lean pork chops and tenderloin. Lean and trimmed flank, strip, sirloin steaks, Lean and trimmed roasts.

Seafood: Tuna, wild salmon, shrimp, lobster, and Scallops. Flounder, Tilapia, Cod or any white fish.

Frozen: Frozen vegetables no added sauces or salt. I love soup started like mirepoix and chopped peppers and onions. Frozen fruits no added sugar (look at the ingredient list for ADDED sugar) , some frozen burritos and meals are OK to have in the freezer check nutrition info closely a good guide is under 250 calories. Vegetarian burgers. Low fat or sugar free ice cream, unsweetened popsicles and fruit bars.

Deli: roasted whole chicken, low sodium lean lunch meats.

Pantry Items: Filling the pantry with healthy smart choices makes getting thinner and healthier a breeze.

Pasta and Grains: Whole grain pastas, brown rice, barley, bulgar, quinoa

Cereals: Plain oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat, 100% bran, unsweetened shredded wheat

Canned foods:Beans, tomatoes (no added sugar, check ingredient list) Canned Vegetables, fruit in juice or water, broths, tomato soups. Peanut Butter, Sugar free jellies and jams, canned meats, low salt versions , salsas, FF refried beans and enchilada sauces. Jarred marinara, artichokes, sweet peppers.

Snacks and condiments: Microwave or air pop popcorn, Baked chips, 100 calories nut packs, cooking oil, sprays and vinegars. Spices, salt and pepper, FF or reduced fat salad dressing (yogurt based dressing are amazing) FF or light Mayonnaise, hot sauce, mustards, ketchup, reduced sodium soy sauce, steak sauce and teriyaki sauce.

Now you can get your kitchen stocked and you are ready to get your healthy lifestyle started.

Always be aware of things that say Sugar free as they are usually full of fat and FF are full of sugar. Be cautious of prepared foods. The more whole and natural it is the more satisfied you will be and less hungry.

Live a Life you Love ❤️


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