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To Scale or not to Scale…..Step away from the Scale

This is a hot topic!

People get very defensive when you tell them they should not be getting on the scale everyday.  Offended even….and they act like I have 2 heads.  I don’t I have a lot of experience in what affects people mentally and the SCALE is #1 in causing traumatic reactions. So what makes me think I know what I am talking about.  17 years of watching reactions, talking to people and lastly my own experience with the scale.  I used to get on it about every hour.  Just to see what it did when I drank a cup of coffee, exercised, ate lunch, ate dinner, ate a donut.  I was a scale addict.  I was an emotional basket case too.

The scale has WAY too much power over us.

We give it way too much credit to tell the whole story and if that scale shows any gain we completely forget any of the good we did all week.  So why not get on the scale everyday? We self sabotage and honestly have no idea we are doing it. We see that number go down…..we have an extra coffee…treat….larger potions.  It’s not intentional we don’t even know we are doing it. Then the next day we get up on the scale and it is back up and we beat ourselves up.  We are a ridiculous bunch!  But we do it.  Go ahead disagree and that’s OK I am just mentioning, calling attention to a problem we are overlooking.

So how often should you weigh?  Once a week at the same time  is honestly the best it will show you your true weight.   But a couple of times a week is OK too.  Lets take our over back and look at all the awesome choices you made and how great you feel.

Live a Life you Love ❤️


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