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What are you waiting for part 2

What are you waiting for: part 2

I coach people everyday who are just unhappy and under appreciated. In 2020 I celebrated 20 years at a job I loved, I also quit that job and started my own business because it no longer brought me joy. I was terrified to leave but knew I could not stay there and live my best life. I did not leave as soon as I became unhappy. It all started with a plan and that is what I want to share today.

If you are unhappy in your job start by making a pros and cons list. It seems so obvious and maybe you already have. Just because one list is longer than the other doesn't mean you have to leave or stay. After you make the list you have to rate them. Decide what matters to you the most? Is it believing in what you are creating? I had promised myself and all of my clients when my beliefs no longer fell into line with the companies I would have to leave. I knew I could not speak to something I was no longer able to do myself. Respect: if you feel put down or under appreciated are you willing to continue to feel this way? Is it more important to find a job that loves and respects you? Overworked/ no work life balance?

Are you missing out on important thing? Can not get away from your job because technology keeps you on a leash?

So many people feel stuck.....scared......what will it take for you to realize you deserve better. What is it they say "if you love what you will never work a day in your life? You should love, be passionate about and want to go to work everyday. Life is what you make it..... always has been.

You may not be able to just up and quit so rather than stay miserable lets..........

Get Started:

I tell all of my clients. Ask yourself what do you love to do? Get a pretty piece of paper and your favorite pen and write down in great detail your DREAM job. Everything you ever wanted in a job.


What is needed to Go For It?

Do you need more education? Do the research and get started

Do you need more exposure? Get your resume on all the Job finding websites. Hire a head hunter.

Want to start your own business? What are you passionate about? What are you good at? can you make money doing it? Will you need help? Create the business plan.

My Experience:

I did all of the above when I decided to start AOYS. I knew what I was good at and built on it from there. I spent the summer of 2020 (whole still at my job) getting educated. I was able to get certified in 9 different coaching styles in just a few months. Then I created my plan what I wanted my coaching services to look like...I knew it would be virtual...I had to create my mission statement and build on my beliefs. Once it was all on paper I shared with some of my best friends and colleagues that I knew would tell me what needed to be tweaked. Then I offered an Introduction to my plan and it all took off from there. I did not venture into unknown or try to start a business that would overwhelm or cause me undo stress. I am doing what I love every single day and I am learning everyday. I can honestly say I have no stress from work in my life. Learning what works and what does not is ongoing. But it is all mine and that is part of the fun! We are now 3 years and 4 months old and we are thriving but there is always room fro growth and I never stop learning. .

In Conclusion:

Being an Entrepreneur is not for everyone. I am not suggesting that.

You do deserve to be happy, to love your job, to be respected and feel cared for. Find what makes you leap out of bed in the morning. Do what fills your cup. Define your priorities. Go For It! I am cheering you on!

Live a Life you Love,

Coach Paris

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