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2019: Detox your life Part 1 : Clear the Clutter

Clear the Clutter lets start 2019 off with a clean slate. When I decided to do a 3 part series I knew part one had to include the tech clutter. I was going through my contacts and saw my Grandmas phone number. She has been gone for 3 years. Time for a clean up. So many things take minutes from our days, while they may seem small they all add up.

Let’s start Emails.

I see a lot of peoples phones the other day I saw a phone that had 1290 emails on it. My heart palapatated a little lol. I am OCD about those numbers. Not everyone is but maybe this is a place to start just last night I realized my OLD gmail account had emails in it from 2014. It took me a few minutes but it is all cleaned up now. Clear them out I cannot imagine anyone has 1290 IMPORTANT emails. Just delete the junk and then keep up with it.

Junk Mail

OK, lets get this cleared up now. Do you have a huge pile of mail sitting on the dining room table??? Lets get rid of that. Yes all those credit card offers you don’t even need to open them. Already have a dentist?, throw it out. No need to read each piece you can see what’s junk shred it. I have a trash can right by my back door and do not let any junk come in the house. It is very cleansing to tear it into little pieces and throw it out. Ready to no longer receive it? 2019 and NO junk mail! Yes please! Go to this website and unsubscribe to to ALL JUNK and CC offers . You c

Phones/ Tablets

Ready to clear out your contacts? It doesn’t take too much time but you will feel so much better when you do it. Go through and ask yourself do I ever use this number. I never talk on my phone but I do text so that is something to think about. Now those emails did you clear them out? Time for photos. This one is the longest process.

But I promise when you clear them up your phone will love you for it AND run so much faster. 1st clear all the ones that were that “I need to show you something” pictures. You know the ones not important just look what I saw. Then get an app that saves your pictures that you don’t want to lose. I use amazon photos as my back up. If you use an app like that be sure you go through it often too! It saves everything I take a picture of right away. Be sure to use the link above to enroll in no call list. It works but not 100% on cell phones. However, if they do call and you are on the list you can report them.

File Cabinets/ Desk drawers

Grab the shredder and a cup of coffee. Lets go through those file cabinets and all of your drawers. Have and Xcel bill from years ago? WHo gets their bills in the mail now? Most if us do not but we still have some of those left over bills. Shread them up. Keep your Taxes for 7 years. I dont even know if we still have those in paper form. Now go to all of your bills and have them sent to you via email and auto pay. Save yourself hours a month. You may even get to get rid of your file cabinets.

Finally that junk drawer

Everyone has one. Once a year everyone should clean it out. If you havent used it in a year, time for the trash or donation pile. Get rid of it. Make it a pretty junk drawer to start the year.

I hope you all are ready to get rid of the clutter for 2019. Up next we will be Detoxing the kitchen on Friday. Get ready we will clean it out and get it restocked for a happy and healthy 2019. Sunday its Detox your body.

Please be sure to sign up for emails so you know when our newest blogs post. 2019 is going to be a great year for Living Naturally Essentially and I hope you will be here with me.

Live a life you love

Paris ❤️

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