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Am I super organized……Nope just lazy!

Ever wish you were more organized?

Being in the weight loss industry for more than 19 years I have learned a few tricks to make it easier to do what I need to do to stay healthy.  When I tell people some of this things I do I get the “are you nuts look”, “no way I don’t have that much time look” and my all time favorite “what if I am not in the mood for that look” (I’ll explain that in a minute).

When I ask people why they don’t think they are losing weight the way they would like 75% say “I am not planning”. Seems like the easy thing to do if that is the case would be, to plan.  But then there’s the I don’t have time……you make time to eat….look at FB… the bills. DO YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT OR DON’T YOU?  Simple question…..impossible answer? We make time for what we want the most.  I am going to give you some helpful hints today and you can decide if you want to use them.

Here are some of the things I have done the last 2 days:

I made a Menu for January yes the whole month, there is where I get the not in the mood look.  You are welcome to move things around if you are not in the mood on Monday for spaghetti pick another day that you are in the mood for and trade. It’s not set in stone just on a calendar.  This can be intimidating for people a whole month.

You can do it however you would like but this saves me hours in the month and I know exactly what I need to take out before I leave in the morning. One tried and true idea ask for input from the family. Don’t put things on the menu you don’t really like.  I get a lot of my menu ideas off menus at restaurants because I won’t eat a lot of things on menus because they are just to calorie crazy I take the idea home and make it healthier for us.  It’s a great place to get ideas.  It took me 30 minutes to make a menu for the month.

Next it’s all in the lists:

So I shop on Fridays. The 1st Friday of the month my list is the longest. It as all the meats and frozen and canned goods, and cheeses I need for the month.  It’s also easy to budget that the 1st friday will be the highest bill.  I make all 4 lists for the month at the same time.  The other 3 lists are usually produce and dairy for the following week. In and out of the store in minutes.

Making ahead: Here are some of the things that I did this weekend.  Chopped a head of lettuce and washed and dried and it is in a big bowl in the fridge wrapped in foil and ready to use.  Made a salad for lunch today.  Chopped  tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery.  All bagged and also ready for salads.  I chopped onions and peppers in diced and strips then I freeze all ready for stir fries, of letters, soups and chilis.

Crockpot cooking:  There were 3 crockpots going today. I cooked a roast this morning it will make 3 to 4 meals. Roast tonight and in the future French dip sandwiches, BBQ Beef, Shredded beef for burritos or tacos. Chicken Breasts I put 6 in this morning and now have cut it into cubes for chicken noodle soup, white chicken chili. I love to add to salad. Shredded it for tacos, fried rice, enchiladas, BBQ chicken.

I brown 3 lbs of lean ground beef and then freeze it in 1/2 lb baggies. For tacos, chili, sloppy joes, casseroles, burritos, spaghetti sauce, goulash, lasagna and so many other ideas. Even if you forget to get it out in the morning it thaws super quick and it is already cooked.

Last tip for today: if you are making one meal double it and freeze it for lunches or for later in the month.  When you make chili make a lot it freezes beautifully.  When I make burritos I add FF refried beans to the meat and make 3 meals out of it, it freezes great also.

People want to know how to make life easier this is just some of the ways I do that.  Whether you want to lose weight or just get your family more healthy and stop driving through these tips will save you hours in he month.  I am not really that organized just super lazy and know how easy it is to call Pizza Hut.

Live a life you love ❤


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