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Beat the Winter Blues With DoTERRA Essential Oils

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Beating the Winter Blues with Essential Oils.

SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder: also known as winter blues, winter depression, or seasonal depression is a mood disorder subset in which people with normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms at the same time each year most commonly in January.  All the celebration is over, the tree is down, the Pretty lights are all out.  It’s so dark outside.  All the excitement is over and we feel not so lovely about ourselves after (maybe) overindulging for an entire month.

This time of year I get in a funk!  Did I mention ITS DARK OUT!  I need the light.  January is like the let down month all the fun and rush rush rush (that we say we hated)  is over and now I am bored and sad. I remember my kids moping for the whole month of January I wish I would have had Cheer to roll on their feet. Well I am tired of whining and think its time I just fix it!

1st: Lets start taking care of ourselves.

A few minutes outside everyday will get us feeling better in no time. A little exercise and a fridge full of healthy options.

2nd: Lets dive into the emotional line of DōTERRA  Essential oils.

The testimonies out there about the entire line is amazing.  I am going to share with you the 6 oils and then a few others I think are the best for getting over the blues and any stressful situation.

There are two ways to use the emotional line 

Aromatically : diffuse, inhale directly from the bottle, out a drop in your hands and inhale deeply

Topically: The touch line are all diluted and in 10 ml roller balls.

You can purchase these oils in Touch rollers or 5 ml bottles (85 drops) for diffusing or making your own lotions, roller bottles and bath salts among just a few items.

There are several oils to bring us into a better place and make us feel much more like our selves.

SAD needs to be taken seriously and this is a natural alternative to other options out there. Here are just a few of our other favorites.

My 2 favorite oils in the emotional line are PASSION and PEACE.  Passion I diffuse any time I have a long to do list.  Things just get done faster. Peace I carry the roller ball with me everywhere I go.

Balance, Citrus Bliss, YLANG YLANG, wild orange, Clary Calm, Elevation, helichrysum 

If you are interested in taking control of your moods and mental health this is an amazing place to start. Click on how do I get started with Doterra and let’s get these oils in your home.

How do I get started with Doterra:

Want to start your membership with those beautiful touch rollers?  Here’s a link you will get a 1 year member ship (25% off all your oils for the whole year) for 35.00 and whole sale price for the rollers is 100.00.

Live a Life you Love ❤


(“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.”)

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