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Being afraid is understandable but unacceptable 💔

Being Afraid is understandable but unacceptable

At this moment I am sitting in a Starbucks people watching and trying to be inspired. I have been trying to write this blog for over a week but am just spinning. Last Monday we were once again reminded that our safety is not always guaranteed. We are in a world of uncertainty and confusion. I have always been one to try to live my life by the “everything happens for a reason” motto. But that has constantly been brought into question over the last few years. Afraid to let my family it of my sight and afraid to leave the comfort of our couch.

On October 2nd when I woke up I had 24 messages from people wanting to be sure we were safe. Las Vegas is our happy place and we go often. Waking up to those messages literally not knowing what on earth had happened put me in a pure sense of panic (yet another lesson to get out of bed before you read your phone). Started my day with the news and scrolling FB to see what had happened. All I felt was afraid, scared and fearful in my home. I sat in front of that TV and stared for 4 hours. Sitting there i remembered all the other times this had happened….Columbine……9-11………Boston Marathon…….Las Vegas. So many times I had let someone else have my power.

As the 5th hour approached I made a decision I am always asking others is it something you can control?

If yes do something about it, if not move on and do what you can control. I threw off the blanket I was cocooned in, I got in the shower and I chose to look at what I had control of. Not having any control of what was happening in Vegas. I needed to shut off the TV and do something. Choosing to go out and spread love and kindness to everyone I met. Smiling at every single person I saw, looking people in the eye and saying hello. Opening doors and speaking to others made me less afraid.

3 days after it happened I did something I never so I went to lunch at a restaurant by myself. Wanting to get the fear out of my system, wanting to feel safe again. I can’t explain why this has helped, i just know that I believe kindness might just breed kindness and if it doesn’t I know I did wha I can control. I do NOT want to be afraid , I want to be cautious and aware. But I don’t want to live in a world where I feel scared.

Are you afraid?

What are you doing to move past your fear? What do you feel you need to do to move past the anxiety and take your power back? I challenge you to do something kind for someone else this week. Then I challenge you to do something kind for yourself. I would love to hear from you.

Because I feel like I can not close this without sharing that one more thing I do when I am anxious and afraid I use my oils to calm and sooth. Please feel free to click the link for more info on how oils can help you naturally with your emotional highs and lows. There are days that I am covered in Forgive when I am anxious or Peace in the evening to get myself to relax . I know they can help you too. Imagine a world you can take a few deep breaths and feel your whole body calm down?

I hope you will reach out to me if you are struggling. I want to help. We are all in this beautiful life together and need each other.

Live a life you love ❤️


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