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2019: Detox your life part 2: Clean your kitchen

Clean the kitchen

There are few things that feel more cleansing than a clean kitchen, restocked with healthy choices. I take the week between Christmas and New Years to clean all the junk out and make a list and shop. So I am ready for all those amazing goals I am trying to reach. One being not spending every single day in the kitchen prepping. I want t to be easy to throw together a meal and I want to go into the kitchen and have a healthy snack without much thought.

Getting Started

What you will need a big trash can or bag. Cleaning supply’s. Note pad and pen for a list of things you need that are expired. 1st thing if you have a self cleaning oven start it up. Turn on the music and lets do this.

Counter Clutter

After the holidays I am always amazed at how much is on the counters. All the cookies, candy and goodies. This is going to freak you out. Choose a day tell you family they have until 6pm on that day (Example December 28th or trash day) and everything is going into the trash so if you want it it has to be eaten, removed, whatever but it can no longer be on the counter. Now are there appliances (mixer, etc) that could put away? Do that. Wash down all the counters and back splashes.


Oh the clutter. I am always surprised how fast time flys by but I really notice it when I go to clean out the pantry those expiration dates blow me away. So here is how to start. Pull everything out put it on a table and vacuum and clean the shelves. Now strategically go through each thing. Expired throw it away. Dust off the cans and check everything. Decide if it is going to help with your healthy goals or hinder. Hinder? Food bank or trash. Alright what’s left. Lets organize that. Then lets restock.

Stock your Pantry for success

(These are just suggestions)


Tomatoes, beans, corn, fruit in water, evaporated skim milk, enchilada sauce, green chili sauce, refried beans, vegetables, chicken, tuna


Peppers, applesauce, sauerkraut, pizza sauce, pasta sauces

Dry Goods

Brown Rice, Multigrain pasta, whole wheat pastas, gravy mixes, couscous, Low sugar cereal, oatmeal, grits, protein bars, bread crumbs, Panko crumbs, crackers, soups, broths, potatoes, onions La favorita chips, popcorn.