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Doterra Kids Touch Collection: Why every adult needs these oils.

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Why the Kids Collection?

When Doterra first introduced the Kids collection I was of course excited to see a system kids could basically call their own. We could be confident that they could use them and empower themselves to take control of their needs. They are in the touch system and we as parents and grandparents knew that they would be safe to use. Little did I know I would use them almost everyday.

One because they smell AMAZING! Two they are very specific in where and how to use them. Three they work fast and effectively. Oh and by the way did I mention they ALL smell amazing. This is literally the perfect Kit for someone just starting out. Each oil has a card that tells you exactly what it ifs for and where to apply. You used to only be ale to buy them as a kit but now you can purchase then separately. Which has been great because I use some more than others.

What Doterra Says…

doTERRA Kid’s Collection Uses and Benefits

The doTERRA Kid’s Collection is a kid-friendly introduction to essential oils. Here are some of the ways to use this collection help your child.

  1. Apply Calmer™ Restful Blend to wrists before bedtime or naps to quiet the mind and soothe away worries. It is helpful for children of all ages. This blend can help older children take control of their own sleeping habits.

  2. When your child is feeling self-doubt, worry, or anxiety, reach for Brave™ Courage Blend. This energizing blend promotes confidence and belief in oneself. It can be helpful to keep on hand before a sports event, musical performance, test, or anytime children need a little encouragement to believe in themselves.

  3. If your child is getting distracted during homework time, pull out Thinker™ Focus Blend. Apply to the wrists of children who are easily distracted. This is also a great blend to use before tests.

  4. When your child is in need of a comforting touch, apply Strong™ Protective Blend during times of distress. It supports a natural immune defense and offers emotionally strengthening benefits. When your child isn’t feeling the best, leave a bottle of Stronger Protective Blend on their dresser or apply to the back of the neck for an added boost.

  5. After your child’s soccer game or after a busy day running around the neighborhood, apply Rescuer™ Soothing Blend to your child’s temples, neck, joints, or other targeted areas for all-around comfort. In addition to its topical benefits, Rescuer also promotes a relaxing and tension-free environment.

  6. When your child’s emotions seem close to the surface, you can support balanced feelings with Steady™ Grounding Blend. Before your child leaves for school, apply Steady on the bottom of the feet to promote feelings of calmness and tranquility throughout the day. Apply Steady to wrists or neck as needed during the day to steady the emotions.

How I (the adult) use them everyday….

Thinker: The Focus Blend

A combo of Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine, and Rosemary. It is effect when I need to focus and tackle a to do list. When it is time to find the creativity when I am blocked. Rolling on my wrists and base of neck. Roll on palms and take some deep inhaling breathes when needed.

Calmer: The Restful Blend

This combination of Lavender , Cananga Buddha wood and Roman chamomile is wonderful for relaxation and calmness at the end of the day. I roll it each not on my feet and base of my spine before bed. But if I have had a long stressful day I will play as soon as I get home to my wrists and palms and take a few deep breaths to get my head right. Clear the clutter and calm the nerves. Calmer is perfect for yoga and meditation practices.

Stronger: The Protective Blend

With this combo of Litsea, Cedarwood, Frankincense and Rose the stronger Protective blend will make you want to wear use each day to keep all the bugs at bay. I am with so many people each day I make sure I protect my self from all airborne illnesses. It is always in my briefcase in case I forget to apply before leaving the house. I roll it on my hands and feet before during and after work. Can also be used if a skin irritation should need attention. Protect you immunity with this little rollerball.

Rescuer: The Soothing Blend

This is the perfect combo of Copaiba, Lavender, Spearmint and Zanthoxlum oils to sooth those discomforts that pop up with activity. Also this blend is wonderful for soothing hurt feelings and high strung emotions . Personally this is in my yoga and gym bag. I love how quickly I find relief with this roller. Apply the 1st sign of discomfort and use often. Long commute? Or long day in front of computer. Apply to your neck and shoulders, massage in.

Brave: The Courage Blend

This blend of Wild Orange, Amyris, Cinnamon Bark and Osmanthus flower is my favorite of the 6. I love this combo when I am feeling overwhelmed and lacking confidence. Believe it or not my biggest fear (like most people) is public speaking and yet it is what I chose as my career. This being said finding the oils and what how they can support us both emotionally and physically has been a huge game changer in my life. I apply this oil to my neck, pulse points and spine before I do any coaching or speaking. Every parent and grandparent should give this oil to all of heir kids and grandkids. It is a confidence booster in a tough world.

Steady: The Grounding Blend

This combination of Amyris wood, Balsam, Coriander, and magnolia is a blissful blend. So great for start of the day calmness and steady emotional throughout. For the end of the day to ground and settle down. I use it in my yoga/meditation practice applying to my feet and base of scull. Applying to my diffuser bracelets and necklaces. Another must have for all kids and adults alike.

This collection is a great way to get started on your oily journey. Because they are all topically used with very specific directions to get started. Every teacher should have these oils as they start the school year. So easy to carry and convenient to use.

Have questions be sure to reach out. or drop a message here.

I have add the Tamer Blend (Digestive Blend) to have the whole roller set to your cart.

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