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How are you? Simple question?

How are you?

How you answer this question says a lot about you….. I ran into a former friend from years back and I said Hi how are you doing?  She looked at me and said ugh…..ya know……its not great.  I just stood there and thought that’s funny she hasn’t changed a bit.  Have you ever thought about it?  There is the typical answer we all expect to hear fine  or good.  Honestly we are so used to those answers we barely hear them    Mostly I think the reason we answer that way is because we are in a hurry and don’t want to engage.  But it is so much more fun to see others reaction to you when you say something different more interesting. The opposite is true for people who answer like my example above.  What do you think they are after?  Attention, sympathy?

What do you think the most interesting answers are?

What would you be most responsive too?  Do you want to be forgettable or memorable?  Here are some interesting facts about how we respond.  I will say getting out of the habit of saying fine and good is the hardest part of this.

#1 Answer FINE :  I read somewhere that this is the WORST possible answer to the question No one is “FINE”  Feelings I’m not expressing……

#2 Great/Good: Boring like you felt you needed to answer but not engage.

Suggested answers

Fabulous:  who doesn’t want to know more about that?  You say fabulous people actually want to know why?

Ready to Rock: Wow what a great way to get someone’s attention. They want to know more about you!

Perfect:  If you respond this way people will have no choice but to see you that way! And the more you say it the more you will believe it.

Everything is Beautiful: Again if you keep saying this you will believe it.  We lose sight of how awesome most of our days are because we get in a negative funnel.

Amazing:  my response to anyone who says this is “yes you are” I don’t even have to know them to know it.

How about these: Fierce, determined, strong, happy, centered, brave, or inspired?  

No matter how you feel complete strangers will not remember you with a fine or a good.  And they certainly don’t need to know your problems. Find your “how are you response” and use it!!!  Lets do our part  to make this world more positive and caring and kind.  Above all else let’s get more interesting!!!!

Live a Life you Love ❤️


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