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I used to be the queen of multi-tasking… its one thing at a time….join me

Do you have a long list of things you need to get done

Sometimes we start our day with a list and we don’t accomplish any of them because we are so overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things on that list. We start them all and finish none of them. I find myself starting one thing in one room going to finish something in another room and go back later only to find that I have completely forgotten I was even doing that other chore. When my kids were small I could do 20 things at once and get them all done. I find now I need to FOCUS on one thing at a time. I read up on this and found that with age comes the need to begin and finish each task completely. So where do you start.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the projects you have to do , all the things you want to do, all the goals you have written down and have no idea where to start I am here to help. What is on your list? Let’s say you want to get more organized . Ready to get the clutter out of your life? A few weeks ago I talked to a friend who has a garage that is filled to the ceiling front to back with boxes. She said when she walks out there she is just to overwhelmed to know where to start. I have another friend who wants to empty all her closets and drawers and reorganize. Think about that, would you feel overwhelmed?

If your goal is cleaning out clutter and organizing the 1st thing you have to do is make 3 categories.

Keep: you need this and have used it in the last 3 months

Donate: you have not used it in the last 3 months, have no use for it, it will benefit someone else.

TRASH: you have no use for it and neither does anyone else. Broken, dirty, family focused. (Take a picture of your child’s artwork and make a special folder on the computer for their masterpieces) (I also recommend using black bags if you kids are still home and get rid of it when they are not home.

Alright now lets choose where to start. One thing at a time, one closet, ( possibly one shelf) one or 2 drawers, one or 2 boxes? Don’t over think it. Just plan it. I will clean out 1 drawer tonight after work. If you have 3 hours on saturday am going to clean the linen closet. Be specific and be on task.

Put your phone away and turn on the music. Remember if you have not used it in 3 months let it go. If it is too big get rid of it. If it is too small are you realistically going to wear it in the future. Let your stone washed jeans go…….

One thing at a time!

How about work goals? Are you all over the place with this too. Trying to do too much. What would happen if you focused on one thing at a time and finished it well. If you own your own business like I do you have to stay on task. So be sure that each day you are doing what needs to be done. I have my days laid out by the hour. Since each day is different I plan the night before. I find if I don’t have my day planned it gets away from me. I sit down and say what one thing needs done 1st.

How about weight loss goals? What we know is unfortunately weight does not just fall off when we start taking better care of ourselves. So again you need to do one thing at a time. What do you need to do every day? Exercise, plan your meals, prep food, track your food? Plan each task and do it one at a time. You will accomplish 100% more if you focus and finish what you start. Try it….

Live a Life you Love ❤️


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