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Liquid calories do they matter? Oh yes they do!!!

“Liquid Calories Matter “

I was up and out of the house today at 630.  I drove by 2 Starbucks and there was one on the Grocery Store I was in.  The lines were long and the drive thru was full.  We start our day every day with coffee or other drink.  Jump forward 8 hours and I am out an about and I drive by 2 Starbucks and 1 coffee shop and one inside the  store I was in.  Guess what there was full parking lots and lines in all of those too.  (Side note: no wonder none of us are sleeping all that caffeine at 330 in the afternoon. ). Don’t worry I am not here to tell you to stop drinking your coffee or tea I am just here to draw attention to something most of us think doesn’t count.

We drink a lot of our calories.  Its OK if you are counting them.

Here are some examples of things we drink often and don’t think much of it.

Starbucks 1st their drinks range from 3 calories for a short coffee to 690 calories for a Vente whole milk hot chocolate with whipped this drink has 41 gr of sugar.

The cream in our coffee: 1 Tablespoon of half and half is 40 calories and 1 Tablespoon of flavored creamers is 35.  That doesn’t sound too bad I know but who uses only a tablespoon?  If you do KUDOS! WHat about the Sugar in your coffee? 1 teaspoon 16 calories per teaspoon. Not bad but have your measured a level teaspoon recently?

How about sweet tea???  32 ounces is 280 calories and 69 grams of sugar.

Pepsi= 20 oz 250 calories and 69 gr of sugar

Orange juice= 8 oz 110 calories 23 gr of sugar (but this is natural sugar)  the problem with juice is you lose the healthy fiber and chew ability you get from an orange.  Orange nutrition info 45 calories 6 grams of natural sugar.

Wine 5 oz has 123 calories and 1.2 gr of sugar.

Beer has 154 calories and 0 gr of sugar for 12 oz

I wanted to draw attention to it and make sure you are using your calories for the best possible choices.  What are some good choices WATER 💦, Herbal tea, Bone broth ( it’s full of protein and amazingly good for you), Fat free and low fat dairy, most nut milks and if you like juices they are good for you just the actual fruit is a better source.

I hope you learned something today and that you start to be more aware of what you are putting in your body.

Live a Life you Love ❤️


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