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Shut the **** up 🤫 and Listen! ❤️❤️

Listen to hear not to respond

We live in a world of fast pace.  We want to get on with it.  The art of 2 sided conversations has left us.  We listen for a minute then we are trying think of what we are going to say and stop listening. No one has time to just shut up and Listen and we are missing out on some of the best stories and conversations.  I noticed when I met my new neighbors this week I listened intently to learn more about them.  What did that tell me?  I need to stop and listen to every single person especially the people I care about the most.  I think we get in that habit of playing on our phones, watching TV, and playing on the computer and lose touch with the most important relationships.

What to do?

Shut the *** up and Listen 💜

Be present.  We need to put it all down and just sit and be where we are at this time.  Who needs you?  What could possible be more important than giving someone you care about your complete attention?  Stop the multitasking.  Put it all away.  Tablets, phones, TV, and just listen.  OK easy enough but now the hard part……..listen with the intent to hear not to respond.  Here’s what I have figured out if I listen well and hear them they will feel loved, cared about and if they were having a problem they will figure out the answer all by them selves.  If you ask the right questions?  Not offer your experience, that time it happened to you, or what you would do.

What are the right questions?

How does that make you feel?

Was there something you could have done differently?

Do you have the ability to  change the outcome and if yes how?

Is there something I can do to help?

Believe it or not if you become a better listener you will learn something new everyday.  Not all conversations are about helping others sometimes it is just about hearing about others days, lives, excitement.  Again do not compare your life to others don’t offer your experiences unless you are specifically asked.  Listen 100% and I guarantee you will be more fulfilled and complete.  Slow down and enjoy.  Stop multitasking and be in the moment.

Challenge accepted?

I look forward to hearing how you feel after you start to be 100% present in your conversations.

Coming next week part 2: Learn to Listen to yourself and what your body is trying to tell you……. sign up for my email list to be sure you don’t ever miss one.

Please be sure to share if you enjoyed or feel like you have others this might help

Live a Life you Love ❤


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