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Is this my healthiest choice?

Interesting question? I talk to people all day about food…….bad choices……good choices… choices…… It is a great question. In the world we live in there is an abundance of choices. Do we take the calorie route? Cut out Sugar? Stop eating fat? Start only eating veggies? The options are endless and my personal opinion it all comes down to this……Eat Less… ..move more …..stop worrying so much about what the number on the scale says if you are doing the above things. The answer is not the same for every person. You have to do what you personally will stick with for the rest of your life. But making the healthiest choice is important if your goal is to live a long and happy life.

Not all calories are created equal.

But I think we make this much harder than we need too. Let’s s look at a nutrition label. And break it down a bit. I am not going to focus on everything. I am going to point out what I feel you need to pay the most attention to.

Serving Size

OK 1st things 1st who has ever bought a bottle of pop and found out later it was 3 servings? You need to pay attention to this closely. If you think it is 230 calories for the whole thing and find out later its 8 servings (using this example) you will have some pretty serious regrets. So first know that it is 8 servings and the serving is 2/3 of a cup. BUT and this is important that does not mean you have eat/drink 2/3 of a cup. You can have 1/2 a serving or 1/3 of a serving you get it. Its crazy that we think we have to have 2 TB of salad dressing just because the bottle says that is the serving.


I know I just said they aren’t the most important thing and that is true but they still are something you need to look at. But just for overall information. For instance if you pick something up and it says 100 calories or if it says 500 calories how do you react? I can say if it says 100 I am looking further to see what else it has in it ( I will Explain as we go) but the 500 I probably won’t look further because that number is usually more than I spend on about anything. (Unless it is a complete meal and thats iffy)

Saturated Fat