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Tiny Habits and the success that comes with them

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Our Weekly Mantra:

”My Body is Healing

My Mind is Opening

My Heart is Expanding”


1st I want to give you the links to get this book and summary if you have not yet read the book!

Tiny Habits:

This book has been a game changer and I truly believe it can help you help yourself , help others, your kids, your coworkers, your spouse. I feel like if I had learned this when I was young It would have made things so much more doable. How many times have you said to your child “why are you making this so hard?” Change that to “how can you make this easier for yourself?” “what would make this easier? 

We did not cover the whole book in our support groups this week we started with a small piece. We will be breaking it down over the next dew months and using different techniques so they “stick” .

A little about the book: I think why it spoke to me is because it really says what I have been trying to get across to people for years but even smaller.  We need to break down our big goals into small easy doable habits …..we need to do them our way NOT the way others say we should…we need to celebrate “SHINE” all the tiny things! 

So let’s start with the behavior model:

M Stands for motivation: this is where the book hooked me because I hear literally every day I don’t know how to “GET” MOTIVATED” 

You can not rely on motivation alone: Motivation is UNRELIABLE and highly variable !  It is fleeting you won’t always be motivated but it is still a part of the model. Because we need it to start and lean on.

A is for Ability:  THIS is BIG! It is not that you are not capable of doing anything. But are able to do what you are setting your goal now?  Example: you probably wouldn’t set a goal to run a 5k if you haven’t walked around the block in 2 years. 

When working on ability a couple things.  (this is not a place to make excuses) This is about if you made a few “tweeks” or changes are you able? You might have to make a few adjustments or learn a new skill.  So be realistic but also don’t let limiting beliefs sneak in.

Questions to ask:

DO I have enough time for this behavior?

DO I have enough money for this behavior? 

Am I physically capable of doing this behavior?

Does this behavior fit into my current routine?

Does this behavior require significant creative or mental energies? 


A person prompt these prompts are internal and rely on something inside you to prompt a behavior.

Context Prompts: incorporate cues in your environment (like your watch reminding you to get up)

An action prompt is a behavior that is already a habit that can remind you of a new habit. This type of prompt uses things you are already doing or habit stacking (Discussion starter in MAY)

Celebrate and SHINE! Shine is the feeling you get after any accomplishment known as authentic pride.   You must celebrate the little things!  Immediately as soon as you do them. It might feel odd at first but it is so important. 

SWARM Of Behaviors Worksheet: 

When you are working on the swarm of behaviors,   first find that habit you want to create.  I encourage you to choose a habit you know will help you if you were consistent. It has worked before but you just can not get it to STICK! 

 That is your aspiration or outcome.  Now we ask How can I make this smaller?  Break it into little bits?  Once you have all the little habits then you ask yourself how can I make this easier???? FOR ME! 

I hope this speaks to you as much as it spoke to me.

Next week: Nutrition Topic:  Inflammation: what causes it,  why it’s important to address it, foods that reduce it. want to join us check out how here!

See you all Next week!

Coach Paris, Marlene and Sally

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