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What are you waiting for??? Part 2 in 2020

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

One thing 2020 has given us is time. It has taught me patience (waiting for everything). It has made me realize life can slow down and I will survive. However, that has not come easily at 1st it was all about “yay a staycation”. Let’s get that “honey do” list done. And we did! We cleaned closets, cleaned the basement, changed all the lighting in our house, painted. We slept in and relaxed. As the days turn into weeks and the jobs started to get smaller. We started slowing down and putting things off, there’s time later. I actually (so unlike me) let dishes stack up in the sink. “I can do it later”. There is nothing urgent. We have time.

Now it’s Weeks into Months…..

As a Health Coach I started hearing people give up. Not worry about what they were eating or the activity they were getting. Why should we care, we live in yoga pants and no one sees us from the neck down. So while all of that does make sense it can get completely out of control and guess what losing weight is HARD! Putting it off and letting the weight pile on is not your best decision.

The Question now Becomes “What are you Waiting for?”

We are now 7 months into this Pandemic. It’s time to do the work. Time to stop hiding from a healthy lifestyle. Let’s get you back on track. But where to start? Let us spend a little time on the question.

*When and why did you go off track?

Why is a healthy lifestyle important to me now?

How will my life be different if I lose weight?

Visualize what a Healthy You looks like.

Now what do you have to do to do this?

As I stated above you HAVE TIME……lets do this. So stop making excuses, looking for reasons and move forward with your goal.

Focus on Discovering YOUR WHY? Start with your “what I don’t want” list. That will usually lead you to your why. Examples: I don’t want to be on the sidelines, I want to participate in my life. I don’t want to buy bigger clothes, I don’t want my knees to hurt anymore. This list can get VERY long and the more the better. Then we circle back around to a very personalized and specific WHY? Yours and yours alone.

Make the Plan

Create a Menu

Grocery shop


Plan your activity (start small and build up every activity counts)

Track what you eat and Journal how you feel

Take it one day at a time and Practice self love look for the positive in every situation and learn form mistakes but do not live in them.

No More Excuses Just Solutions. Stop waiting Start doing.

You are 100% worth the effort. You deserve to be healthy and vibrant. Make yourself YOUR priority! Put yourself on your To Do List.

Interested in Health and Nutrition Coaching? Read more here.

Live a Life you Love


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