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What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Interesting question? I have never really thought I would fail…..just embarrass myself and that doesn’t really scare me.

When I lost 55 lbs back in 1991 it was super easy I ate what I was told and I followed the plan but then somehow when I stopped doing those things all that weight came right back, I remember thinking well that’s not fair. Never really thought I was a failure just that it was not fair. It took me 8 years to realize I would have to do it again and never stop if I was going to keep the weight off. That was 20 years ago and I have kept it off. How? Well first I have to say not by being perfect or overly disciplined.

Here’s how I live everyday.

*Know why I want to be healthy and 55 Lbs less than I was 20 years ago.

*Know what I want most……an occasional cheeseburger and fitting in Chocolate Martinis

*When indulging its the best of the best or nothing. (I will send back cold fries)

*Know when I am out of control.

*Knowing I can start at the next meal and get right back on track.

*Recognizing that beating myself up is never beneficial .