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What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Interesting question? I have never really thought I would fail…..just embarrass myself and that doesn’t really scare me.

When I lost 55 lbs back in 1991 it was super easy I ate what I was told and I followed the plan but then somehow when I stopped doing those things all that weight came right back, I remember thinking well that’s not fair. Never really thought I was a failure just that it was not fair. It took me 8 years to realize I would have to do it again and never stop if I was going to keep the weight off. That was 20 years ago and I have kept it off. How? Well first I have to say not by being perfect or overly disciplined.

Here’s how I live everyday.

*Know why I want to be healthy and 55 Lbs less than I was 20 years ago.

*Know what I want most……an occasional cheeseburger and fitting in Chocolate Martinis

*When indulging its the best of the best or nothing. (I will send back cold fries)

*Know when I am out of control.

*Knowing I can start at the next meal and get right back on track.

*Recognizing that beating myself up is never beneficial .

*Understanding this is FOREVER not a diet its my life now. “This is how I eat”

So where do you start?

Lets start the easiest place. Lets walk into the kitchen and CLEAN IT UP. My favorite place to start is Expiration dates. In the Fridge and Pantry. Anything expired needs to go! ( don’t question it, don’t feel bad about it) Surprise that probably emptied a lot. Next look at the nutrition facts on your products. Is it nutritionally sound? I mean is it high on protein, low in saturated fat and sugar?

In other words will it fill you up and benefit you? Yes its a keeper… throw it out. I KNOW I have heard all your excuses that is wasteful, starving children…. but my family has to have chips and cookies in the house…….get over it and move on. Being healthy is much more important than throwing away a few times. The family could healthy living too! Alright you have your assignment for today. Wednesday we will talk about what to fill the fridge and pantry with for success.

Live a life you Love ❤


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