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What are you waiting for?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

We are 1/4 of our way into 2023. Have you started making your health and wellness a priority? Still waiting for the "right time"? What is it going to take to get you to take care of yourself? What are you waiting for? Some magical time when you have no stress, no commitments, extra time in your 24 hour day? Why do we wait until some one tells us we don't have a choice but to change? In my practice I have so many people who are working towards their wellness goals because they make the time it is a priority to them. They see it as an investment in their family and themselves. Most of them have also figured out how to do this in small (tiny) increments.

What's it going to take?

In our support groups we talk about One of Our Power of 13: Limit White foods: Sugar, Salt, Flour, Rice and Pasta. One of the takeaways for many of us was we need to get a handle on these so we can still have choices. If you become insulin resistant (pre diabetic) you will probably be told to give up some of the foods you love and are good for you (fruits, vegetables, dairy). But if you take control now and work on limiting whites you may never become insulin resistant.

Another example: Activity being active and independent is a privilege we all take for granted. Use it or lose it is often used to describe this. If you don't move your body will stop moving. Starting with a few minutes a day is better than not moving at all. During Covid many of us lost our endurance. We were stuck at home and sat way too much not realizing the more we sat the more we were reducing our lung capacity and heart health. Some were struggling to get 1000 steps in a day. We were stiff and sore from not getting up and moving. Which makes us even more prone to injury.

Where to start?

Stop thinking about it and just do it. There is no perfect, stress free, right time. You need to make yourself the priority. It does not take HUGE changes to get started. You can still live your life and still take care of yourself. Little changes and tiny habit changes and finding the right way for you.

*Clean out the kitchen

*Get yourself a good support system and/or

*Hire a Coach

*Set Boundaries

*Make small changes

AOYS is here to help too.

We believe that there is no one right way and assist you in finding the easiest best way for you to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • We have amazing support groups to lift you up and help you realize you are not alone and not everyone does it the same way. But together we can accomplish great things. Learn more about our groups here:

  • One on One Coaching: Imagine having someone who is 100% present to your needs. Who will listen and hear everything you say and guide you with good quality questions to find your right way. I will help you realize you are worth the effort. Learn more here:

  • Schedule a 30 minute Coaching Consultation Here:

  • Sign UP to Join our Next Free Virtual Open House Here:

In summary only one thing is left.

It is time for you to take care of your health and wellness to be your best for everyone around you. Knowing you are taking good care of you will help you take care of everyone that need you. Healthier= More energy, handle stress better, less tired and better mood. Who wouldn't benefit from those 4 things?

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Let's Live our Best Lives

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