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Tools to make your life easier in the kitchen

We know having a kitchen full of the right foods will help is be successful in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

But one of the things I find the most important is the tools in the kitchen to make the prep easier.  So today lets chat about some shortcuts.

Some of the easiest things to do is to buy the prepackaged salads, already cut up veggies and fruits, frozen fruits and veggies.  Snack size bags of  nuts, baked chips, crackers, string cheese, laughing cow, baby bells.  These are  convenient  and easy but a little pricier.

Tool # 1 Scale

(If you aren’t weighing and measuring you aren’t right)

With snack size bags:  I weigh everything because I think I get more.  Weigh out snack size baggies of chips, crackers, nuts, cubed cheeses.  This is a great help for the  family, our kids are not learning potion control in a huge bag world.  You don’t need to weigh your veggies and fruits but packaging them makes it easy for grab and go for snacking in the car.  I love cut up cucumbers, carrots, peppers, baby tomatoes, celery.

Meat:  When I buy meats I often buy them in large quantities and them bring them home and package then up in small portions.  I package ground beef in 1.2 lb bags.  Chicken in 2 to 3 pieces. Always weigh your meats after you cook them to know how much you are eating,  3 to 4 ounces is a good portion size for most women 5 to 6 for men.

Tools #2 Aluminum Foil 

(PS there is no “right” side of foil)

This tool is the bomb.  When I come home from the store I cut up all our lettuce and wash well and spin dry, (a salad spinner is a must also) THEN I put them in a bowl and cover in aluminum foil and guess what it will stay fresh for a week.  WOW right?    Wash and wrap your celery and asparagus in foil and it will stay fresh for weeks. The key it won’t  need too because it is all prepped and ready and you will use it.

Tools #3 Crockpot

( I have 5)

Crockpots are under used  and they can save you hours during the week.  I use mine constantly.  You can take a Sunday afternoon and make all your meals for the week.  I cook 5 lbs of chicken breasts and cut into cubes, shred and the weigh and measure in 1/2 lb bags and freeze. (Next healthy eating blog will tell us how to use these.)  I make baked potatoes in the crock pot (sweet potatoes work too) . Just wash and poke them with a fork. (You can wrap in foil but you don’t have too)  Layer potatoes in crock pot cook for 3 to 4 hours on low.  Poke and see if they are cooked through. Now you have baked potatoes for the week you can use them  different ways.  Soups and stews are perfect for lunches you can make them on the weekends and have for the  week.

Tools #4 Measuring cups and spoons (remember if your are not weighing and measuring you are not right)

We all need to be measuring most things.  Here are some things that are over looked  and should ALWAYS be measured.  Cream for your coffee, peanut butter, salad dressing, milk, cereal, pasta, creamy sauces, oil, jams and jellies, honey, sugar. Its interesting when we are measuring our foods we need to make sure it’s level. It matters.  Here’s another thing, just because the serving size says 2 Tablespoons does not mean you have to eat that much.

#5 Instapot

(updated 2020)

This is my new favorite appliance we make everything from hard boiled eggs to lasagna to egg bites and pasta.  MUST HAVE!  DO not be afraid of it just jump right in.

#6 Air fryer

Everything you want to fry can be done in an air fryer for low calorie options.  They work amazing and you won’t believe how everything can be sir fried and taste amazing.

I know there are 100’s of other tools we need to make our lives easier in the kitchen.  These are a few I love to use regularly and they make my super busy life manageable.  Here are a few others to check out : Instant pot, air fryer, spiralizer, Pyrex glass storage containers, mason jars, Salad spinner.

Live a live you love ❤


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