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How do I choose a weight goal

Being a coach in the weight loss industry for over 22 years I have heard that question 100’s of times. Over the years I have learned a lot about the right way to chose your personal weigh goal. But 1st I will say is its not important to know what it is until you are close to it.

When to chose your goal?

When you start your weight loss journey you normally have a pretty good idea what you want to weigh. Would you be surprised to know that about 85% of us choose that goal incorrectly? Often thinking we can weigh what we weighed in HS or settle it for a number that may be higher than we really want because we know it is going to be hard. I recommend you just start the journey and don’t worry about the number. The day you feel 95% comfortable in your skin (I promise you will know) then assess.

The assessment

*Choose a goal that you can easily maintain with work .

This is important. I don’t want you to lose so much then go back to eating the way you were before. You have to continue eating healthy. What this means is you have to lose weight eating the things you love just less of them. I know you hear it all the time but it has to become a lifestyle if you are going to lose it and keep it off. The way I think of it is this is how I eat now. Healthy and satisfying. Not depriving myself of the foods and drinks I love.

*Comfortable in your own skin

When you look in the mirror are you proud of the work you have done? It is never going to be complete love I know but can you recognize how far you have come and appreciate your hard work? Sometimes I take off my glasses so I can see myself through a lense that shows me the weight loss but not the flaws. It works try it! Remember this is a hard step. Do not over think it. Be proud.

*Like your clothing size

Most of us have what I call a “limiting” size, it is the size you will NOT buy and when you approach it you start your healthy eating. But we also have a size that makes us very happy! Does the size you are in make you happy. Now remember every clothing designer makes sizes different. So use you head and don’t get too crazy about it. Often just being able to shop in a certain area of the store gives us joy. My goal was to get everything in my closet the same size. Done. Bonus Closet tip: the best thing you can do for yourself is get rid of clothes that are too BIG (they give you a reason to gain it back) and too SMALL meaning the clothes that you dreamed of getting into but will never really reach. Chore for the weekend? CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET try everything on. DO you love it does it fit? NO DONATE!

Body Mass index chart

This one is IFFY! Not in love with the BMI Chart. I don’t think it's perfect for everyone. It is a conversation to have with your DR if you feel it is not realistic for you. But I do believe it is a good guide. It's a place to start. When you have accomplished the above pieces of the assessment then look at the chart and see if you are falling into the Healthy BMI range.


I meet people everyday who chose a weight because they think they can not go any further. But they are not thrilled with the number or any of the other things on this assessment. They are just settling because they do not want to be disappointed if the progress slows. Losing weight is hard! Our bodies don’t always reward us for our hard work but it will be patient.

Oh one more thing. Get off the scale.

When you start a weight loss plan of any kind you should take your measurements. When I lost my weight in 1999 I took my measurements I lost 55 pounds and 88 inches including 8 in my neck! YES my neck! Be sure to take you measurements and measure everything. Then do that once a month. ONLY get on the scale once a week. I'll explain this ins a future blog. It can stop your weight loss.

I hope you found value in this blog. It is my passion to help people find their best self with love and laughter. The concept of weight loss is simple, losing weight is hard. Maintaining is another story all together. Please feel free to follow and share with your friends and family.

PS…. did you notice the word DIET is not in this blog anywhere? If you want to be successful you have to lose that word!!!!

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Live a life you love ❤️

Coach Paris

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