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Motivation…..How do we keep it? 🤗

Motivation is what gets us to accomplish things.

Have you ever had one of those days where you do NOT want to do anything???? Of course you have….who hasn’t? It is when those days turn into weeks that we need to figure out why we are not motivated! In my job I want and need to keep people motivated every day. With my business I have to stay motivated. So how do we stay motivated? We have to want it enough No matter what you need to accomplish you have to know why it’s important to you. Yes, that even means spring cleaning, paying the bills, you get it. Weight loss, career goals, saving money. All these things are going to take ongoing motivation. How about some ideas?

#1 Ask yourself what you want and set realistic goals.

Weight loss….. a safe healthy weight loss is half a pound to 2 pounds a week. Money…. chose an amount that is not going to cause you to eat ramen every night but something you will have to work at. Cleaning….one room or closet at a time but be detail oriented in making a list of what is to be done each day.

#2 Visualize accomplishing your goals and create a dream/vision board.

A vision board is meant to help you see what you are trying to accomplish. Why are you saving money for? What will a clean organized house look like? How does your weight loss goal look, what things will you be able to do? Pinterest is the bomb for this you can even create one on there.

#3 Believe and Be kind to yourself

You are not going to be perfect every day, every payday, every meal. But if you are kind and forgiving and believe you can do this you will just pick up the next day, moment, payday, meal. Quitting is not an option.

#4 Take it one day at a time and recognize your progress.

What’s the rush? You want this forever I would imagine. Take the time to learn from each day. It all adds up at the end of the year.

#5 Don’t compare yourself to others.

Yes this is one of the hardest one. We are quite competitive by nature, so we look around at what everyone else is doing. However everyone else’s journey is different. Saving, career goals, climbing the ladder, losing the weight, saving money and buying what you want. It is your goals no one else’s. Be excited about what you are accomplishing. Recognize and congratulate yourself when you follow through. Little steps.

#6 This is the most important constantly be checking on your why and motivation.

It will ebb and flow as you get closer to your goals. Challenge yourself to keep up with your changing goals. As you get closer you may need to reevaluate why you are wanting to continue. To stay motivated you must want it as much as you did when you began your journey.

#7 Reward yourself as reach milestones in your goals you should reward yourself.

If your goal is weight loss this should not be a food goal. Maybe a massage or flowers. For a money goal maybe make a special dinner at home or go out. Just make sure that your reward does not take you off course of your final destination.

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Until next time,

Live a Life you Love ❤️

Coach Paris

Need someone to help you set and follow through with your goals? Coaching is great way to get started. We can set those goals and then create a plan to follow through.

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