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Recognize Bad Habits and Create Good Habits

Creating Good habits and Recognizing Bad habits.

Most of us have a hard time creating good habits and breaking bad habits but we are good at doing the opposite.

It is really easy to hang on tight to a bad habit. We have a tendency to justify and make excuses for our bad habits.

When what we should be doing is take responsibility and recognize them for what they are, they are getting in the way of our successes.

Bad Habits:

We all have them. We all validate them. We all make excuses for them.

When truly we need to recognize and take responsibility and change your narrative.

Top Bad habits:

Bites, licks and tastes

Too much TV

Too much Snacking

To many excuses

No exercise


Eating in front of the TV

What is standing in the way of your success?

This requires a come to Jesus if you will.

Justifying and validating will not get you closer to your goals, it will hold you back.

Open your eyes to the bad habits. Find ways to just stop them.

How do you determine if it is a “Bad Habit”?

Now if you feel like your bad habit needs to be in your life it is not necessarily a “bad habit” but maybe it needs to be planned for.

So if TV is getting in the way of you getting activity, use it as a reward if you go for a walk you can watch your favorite show. . If you are not drinking water ask yourself what am i drinking? Reward yourself with your favorite after you drink 16 oz. of water.

It is really important that you take responsibility and stop doing them. It is the only way!

How to Create Good Habits

Good habits refer to the behavior that is beneficial for the development of the physical or mental health of a person. It is often linked to a high level of discipline and self-control. These habits help a person in various aspects of their life.

Think for a minute what Good Habits you incorporate everyday?

Making your bed, Brushing your teeth, Showering, Exercise?

What benefits do you get from those Good Habits?

What are some Good Habits you would like to have?

Have you ever tried to incorporate these good Habits before?

Why didn’t it stick?

How can you make this habit you want to incorporate easier for you?

Habit Stacking

One of the best ways to build a new habit is to identify a current habit you already do each day and then stack your new behavior on top. It’s all the rage! In both Atomic Habits by James Clear and Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg this is a technique that is explained and used. What are some things you do each day that you can add a new good habit to? At our house we never stand still when we are brushing our teeth, my husband walks and I do squats or balance exercises. When I turn on the coffee in the mornings I water the plants, fill the diffusers and turn on all the fountains outside and inside. I know a lot of people who lay out their clothes at night and write their o do list before bed.

Up for a Challenge?

So what habit are you going to add to all the good habits you are already doing this week?


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