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Why Portions are keeping us overweight.

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Just the facts:

69% percent of Americans are overweight or obese that means 31% of our population fall in a healthy weight range. While I 100% agree that the BMI chart does not tell the whole story there is an epidemic in the health problems in the US. Heart Attacks, Diabetes and strokes are on the rise. The average American has 5 prescriptions in their cabinet, and 25% have more than 10. Drugs are easy to get. But when comes to doing the work it takes to stay off prescription medicine now that's hard. Honestly most people think getting healthy is impossible because they are not willing to make the small changes required.

We have come a long way (not in a positive way)

Our portions have quadrupled since the 70’s supersized, big gulps, our plates don’t even fit in cabinets built in the 50’s. Because of this we have grown with those portions thinking that we need that much to be full. While a lot of us eat poorly the biggest problem we are facing is portion control. Even if you eat a good quality diet you can still be eating too much of a good thing. Yes you are right you probably won't get fat eating celery or lettuce but you can overeat chicken and grains.

Portion control is the key to beginning a healthy lifestyle.

AOYS Power of 13 #1 Cut your portions in half on everything but vegetables.

At AOYS we believe there are some basic things you have to do to lose/maintain weight and get and stay healthy. Our Power of 13 is that guide to help you.

Cutting portions in half can feel uncomfortable for many but to be honest most of us are overeating. Thinking we need more than we do. I would like to say if you are weighing our 3 ounces of chicken breast I am not talking to you. You do not need to cut your portion HOWEVER if you are guessing I am challenging you to get that scale out and prove it.

Vegetables are the exception most people only get half of the veggies they need. We have a rule for that too.

What we overeat

  1. Pasta 2-4 cups

  2. Bread 4 to 6 oz

  3. Rice 1.5 to 3 cups

  4. Packages crackers and chips 2 to 3 X recommended portion size

  5. Desserts: finish them and portions are enough for 2 to 3

  6. Proteins 6-10 oz

  7. Pastry/fried foods whatever is put in front of us.

These portions are 2 to 4 x what we should be eating.

Recommended portions

What you need

  • Start by having a good quality food scale. Nothing fancy required here. Make sure it has ounces and grams and has a tare button so you can clear and add your foods to your plate/bowl. Amazon has tons of choices so does Target.

  • Several sets of measuring spoons and cups both fluid and dry. You need a lot of 1 teaspoons and tablespoons. 1/2 cups and 1 cups. The dollar store is a great place to pick up a bunch of sets.

Where to start

I always say if you are not weighing and measuring you are not right. You may be able to get close but I promise you are not right. Just take a second and measure.

  • I challenge all of my clients to start by looking at the serving size on all their packaged products and when consuming them start with a 1/2 of the suggested serving.

  • Always weigh avocados and fruit (yes you can eat too much fruit)

  • Put a 1/2 cup measuring cup in all of your cereals

  • Have a mug of measuring spoons on the counter easy to use.

  • Do you use cream in your coffee? Use a Tablespoon to ALWAYS measure (quick tip: I started frothing milk for mine because the calories I was taking in from cream was so much higher and I can get the desired color with milk for a lot less. Buy a milk frother it sill change your life). *

  • Always measure meats after cooking. You lose 25% in the cooking process so weigh so you will know exactly what you are consuming.

We need to weigh and measure everything. Reminders of some things that will make a huge difference if you don't measure.

  • Cereal

  • Milk

  • Peanut Butter/Nut butters

  • Salad dressing

  • Oil in cooking

  • Butter

  • Sauces

These are just a few. I am sure you have a lot more.

Portions are probably what is keeping you overweight. It is definitely a great place to start if you have been wondering what to do 1st. Start here. Anything packages have half of the recommended. I want to let you know I am not telling you you have to starve. I am asking you to try 1/2 and wait..........15 minutes if you are still hungry then have another measured half serving. I love 6 pounds in 9 days just cutting portions.

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