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Use what you have.........

We live in a world of abundance and instant gratification.

All we have to do is bring up the amazon app search for what we want (need) and push a button and it will be at our house in less than 48 hours in most cases. Craving a cheeseburger? Bring up the app and order ding dong it arrives in minutes. We have so much stuff.

  • A fully stocked pantry

  • A packed freezer

  • A makeup cabinet full of samples and bottles of things we needed.

  • A closet full of clothes

  • A phone full of apps.

  • A library full of books

  • Drawers full of towels and sheets

  • A phone full of apps and games.

  • Closets full of decor for your home

I could go on for hours of just the things we have to much of. So 2023 (starting now) we are using the "USE what we have" attitude. There are so many areas we can do this in. How many of you have books that are unread but you keep buying more. Are you stocked up for the end of the world? Shampoos, TP, Paper Towels, canned goods.

How to get started?

Take inventory. I am starting with going room to room and writing down what I have. At the same time I will be making donations. If I haven't used it for more than a year I am going to donate. Especially home Decor, towels and sheets. I will also be going checking expiration dates on spices, canned goods, medications and if I have had cosmetic items for more than a year they need to go.

Freezer, Refrigerator and Pantry

After taking inventory and getting rid of expired items. Make a meal list of everything you can make with what you have. Then plan it out on a menu. Prep anything ahead you can.

Get creative and use everything you can. Make it a game. Challenge yourself to empty everything without buying much at all.

Clothes and Jewelry.

Again inventory: how many pairs of jeans can you wear at a time, shoes, earrings? How many sizes do you have? I highly suggest trying everything on and getting rid of things that you will never wear again. If you have clothes that are way to small or too large GET RID OF THEM. Clothes that are too big are a permissions slip to gain weight, to small can be unrealistic. Same thing with shoes and jewelry How many pairs of black shoes and silver earrings do you need? How often do you wear those 5 inch heels?

After you do the inventory: create outfits with jewelry and take pictures. Again make it a game and get creative.


Omgoodness this one is definitely inventory. My goal is to have 5 to 6 total make up items. Well except lips that one I will never not have too many of but do get rid of colors that are not flattering. . Then lotions and potions. Use up what you have then buy just a few things to take care of your specific needs. Stop getting samples of everything or if you do get samples use them right away. Find your perfect colors and stick with them.

Use up lotions, shampoos, conditioners before you buy more. If you have items that don't work for you. Get rid of them or share with others.

You get it. You can build on everything I have said here. Imagine how much money you can save If you "USE WHAT YOU HAVE". Just yesterday I was at Ulta and I walked out with nothing because I walked around for an hour and said use what you have and you already have that. It was fun and empowering. Creating new outfits with clothes you already have is so fun. Getting creative and not wasting food makes you feel great too. Especially with groceries prices being at an all time high. Stop wasting save money and get creative with your meals.

This is just the beginning. Our January Support groups will be taking a deep dive into Clearing the clutter everything from Kitchen to Closets to Technology. Cleaning everything up for 2023. If you would like to learn more about becoming part of the AOYS Support Group Family click here. ⇩

I would love to hear how you "Use What You Have".

Live a Life you Love

Coach Paris


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