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We all need a support system.

Everyone thrives when others are cheering them on.

I started my coaching practice to be there for others and to help people get to their finish line whatever that is to them. In 1991 I was introduced to group support and found it was what I needed to be successful. While everyone is different very few can be successful without a good support system.

The "I can do it on my own" thought process seldom works. Unfortunately for most of us are not our best ally when needing to push towards a goal. We are very good at making excuses, finding reasons and convincing ourselves we can start tomorrow but if you have someone cheering you on we have a tendency to not want to let others down.

What type of support would you benefit from?

Over the last few weeks I have heard from a lot of my clients that they would benefit from a "partner" to get them to exercise. Where could you use a cheering section? How do we find one?



* Follow Through?


*Goal setting


Choosing the right people as your support system

We all have people in our lives who are inspiring and helpful. We also have people who, while they want to be helpful they can be overbearing OR some are enablers. Neither of these people will help you in reaching your goals.

Overbearing: too much help, too involved, easily disappointed and pushy.

Enablers: too soft, make excuses for you, accept your excuses.

Individual Support:

The perfect person to help you reach your goal will push you and support you. Maybe wanting to reach goals along with you (example: a walking partner). Asking you quality questions about your goals and helping you narrow it down to realistic and achievable goals.

Often if you are doing this with a friend or family member you can be very clear in the type of help you are seeking and what you DO NOT need from them. Do you need a weekly check in, nightly texts, what works best for you ? Working with a coach or someone who does not know you works for others too, it's funny how we don't want to let others down whether we know them or not.

Support Group:

Group support (WW) was what I used to lose my weight in 1991 and as soon as I reached my goal, I left my groups thinking I could do it on my own and I was cured. What I was successful at after that was gaining my weight back and feeling like a failure. It took me 8 years to venture back and find another good group and I was successful again but this time I did not leave. I stayed and helped 1000's of others be successful. Fast forward 21 years and I

now run support groups that are not just about losing weight and activity, they are about whole healthy lifestyle including acceptance and understanding why we are the way we are.

There are Support Groups for everything. One of my favorite things about being part of a group is others are counting on you to show up. You are missed when you don't. You can find a fitness group doing what you love. Business groups focused on your business types and goals. Groups with your interests in mind are out there. Find what works for you and if the 1st one does not work keep looking do not quit.

We have both (of course)

if you are looking for Health and Wellness support.

Schedule a Consultation to decide if we are a good fit and discuss your best options here:

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