Sit with it……… is it time for you to just….breathe💜

Sit With It…..Just Breathe

Have you ever been so stressed out you found yourself at the bottom of a Fritos bag or at the bottom of a 1/2 gallon of ice cream? Are your smiling right now? Been there? We are so self destructive when we do not feel like we have control of a situation. Guess what? While every decade has had its stressors we are officially in the most stressful. Not for the reasons you may think. It is because so much is expected of us. Mandatory Overtime, working the jobs of 2 or 3 people, and kids in 10 activities. Keeping up with the house, the healthy eating and activities, answering every email and text within minutes or someone may think you are mad at them or even worse something happened to you.

So what do we do?

We need to recognize we can not be everything to everyone. We need to put ourselves on our TO DO list. Let’s think about something. Have you ever eaten something and the problem went away? How about drank too much? Maxed out the credit cards? Whatever your vice did it ever make the problem go away. Or was it just worse and you have a new emotion to deal with? Guilt? Sometimes we need to just sit with it. Feel your feeling and ask yourself is this something I can “fix” or “change”? If yes, make a plan to do just that. If not either learn to Make the best of it or change your situation. Take a step back and see it for what it is.

A few ideas of how to just sit with it


Listen to music



Diffuse and Breathe

A short Walk


Read a motivational book

It’s time to stop leaning on our vices and finding a way to handle this stressful life we live in. I don’t see it getting better if we do not figure out how to handle it. So sit with it and breathe. You deserve to take that time.

Here’s a blog about beating the Winter Blues and emotional oils tha could be great information for you too.

Coming soon Self Care series: how much time do you have?

Live a Life you Love ❤


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