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Goal Setting with Good Questions

What I have learned over the years as a coach is that not every question works for every person. So I started asking questions in 2 or even 3 different ways when my clients were working on setting goals.

I love seeing the reaction of other people when they hear the question they can answer. The one that just makes sense to them. One of the things I love the most about AOYS is that we understand that there is no one right way for everyone. We work really hard to at creating an environment where you get to figure out what works for you.

Good Questions to help you set Good Goals

Your goal has to be clear and manageable

  • What do I want? Or What don’t I want?

  • Why do I want it? OR Why does this matter to me?

  • What will achieving this bring me that I want?

  • What needs to change for me to accomplish my goal?

  • What do I need to accomplish this goal?

  • Why am I not doing that at this time?

  • Do you trust yourself to make good decisions while going after this goal?

  • How can I make this easier for me?

Breaking Down the Goals to Manageable chunks

Specific and consistency matter.

Example: You want to run a half marathon in 3 months

  • Breaking it down, what do you need?

  • Shoes, clothes, an app (like couch to 10 K), Play lists podcasts?

  • When will you begin?

  • What days and times will you train?(

  • Do this a week or a month at a time depending on your personality

Example: You want to save 5K in 6 Months?

  • Count your weeks divide 5K by hose weeks

  • Make a list of how you can cut costs to save that money. (Starbucks everyday Average 42.00. a week)

  • Create a separate account to transfer money each payday or have it auto deducted.

Summary: You can not just say you want to do something with a good plan. The plan needs to be doable. For instance don't set a goal to lose 25 pounds in a month. It's unrealistic and unfair. That will set you up for failure. Be fair when setting goals and you will be successful.

Live A life You Love

Coach Paris

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